"The program is a real international and multi-cultural experience"

Samir Sayegh

July 7, 2016

To come to Barcelona to study the Master in Digital Solutions Development represented an opportunity to Samir from several points of views.

He decided to leave Venezuela and start all over in Barcelona, looking for new chances to improve, academically and professionally, and now that he is achieving both goals he states it was a great decision to make.

He studied Computing Engineering and wanted to complement his academic background with knowledges in some other technologies, getting besides a business approach, aspects that the Master in Digital Solutions Development offers the students thanks to the variety of the subjects of the program, as Samir states, such as web and mobile development, cloud computing, big data, user experience, digital business and entrepreneurship.

This additional knowledge that he says he acquired, allowed him to have a more mixed point of view about technology, a Master feature that Samir considers important to reinforce his current skills and develop some others.

As another aspect to highlight about the Master is the Barcelona Technology School academic team, he indicates that “the professors really help you beyond the academic”.

On the other hand, besides the academic, he says that the Master gave him the opportunity to be among international students and get to know people from all over the world, for example Austria, UK, Belarus, France; this was key part of his abroad experience in Barcelona.

On the other hand, as part of his experience, Samir had the opportunity to have two internships while being a BTS student. His first experience was as an iOS Developer in a mobile business company; after this first successful experience he started another internship as a developer in the automotive sector in a global company leader in technology consulting and innovation.

Now, that he is almost a graduate student from the Master in Digital Solutions Development, he has accomplished one of his main goals: to find a job position in the sector in Barcelona.

He has now the opportunity to work as a Software Developer in Innovation in the same company where he was an intern, as the company was not just looking to cover a momentary need, they were looking for talent as Samir, formed in the most demanded technologies nowadays.

Now, he sees himself in the nearly future working in a leading company of the digital area and climbing positions, acquiring knowledge and experience. He would like to be a project Manager and so far, he is in the right path to achieve his goals.

After asking Samir how has been in general his experience after all these months, he says that he has had a very good experience. As a student and current employee, he believes Barcelona is great place to live in, several reason support his way of thinking, specially: the city is always sunny, there is something to do all the time and there are plenty opportunities to take advantage of.

To come to Barcelona to do the Master he says is a decision that has impacted his life and he is convinced that he will be in the city for a long time.


  • Smart and motivated. Besides being one of the most advanced students, his humble attitude makes him eager to learn. Developer mindset. Grasp new concepts very fast.
  • Samir is a self-starter, an entrepreneur at heart, and extremely talented and inventive. He contributes to the class and has strong follow up skills.
  • Samir is bright, knowledgeable and flexible student.
  • Great talent, he can learn whatever he proposes.


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