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A conversation about digital transformation in media

December 18, 2017

As part of the Digital Business experience of the Master in Digital Solutions Development, the BTS students had a Masterclass with Roger Sendra, Deputy Managing Director at Ymedia and with a long trajectory in communications and strategy development. His class was focused on digital communications and the advertising landscape in the Digital Ecosystem.

Polina Severina, a BTS student, interviewed Roger to know a little bit more about his professional path, his vision about the digital transformation in the media environment, and his advice to the ones that are starting their careers in the digital field.

 About Polina:

My name is Polina Severina, and I’m originally from Moscow, Russia. My entire life I have combined education and sport and I did same while studying my Bachelor; I have played volleyball for Columbia College in Missouri, USA, and purchasing my degree in Computer Science at the same time. After that, I was trying to play pro, but some things didn’t work out and I have decided to come back to school. I have chosen the Master in Digital Solutions Development from Barcelona Technology School because it gives you a wide vision of the digital world and because the university locates in beautiful Barcelona.


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