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Experiencing Digital Transformation in Estrella Damm Factory

While visiting Estrella Damm Factory, the students saw how the company is transforming digitally and how the processes get automated in production line.

Experiencing Innovative Technologies at Citilab

During the visit at digital lab Citilab students discovered the newest digital tech innovations, ranging from holograms to Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality products.

BTS Students Meeting Co-Founders of Otter

During the visit at Otter office, BTS students were introduced to a strategy of how the digital startup was launched and what are the next steps for its growth in the future.

BTS students at Smart City Expo World Congress

In this event, BTS students could see how the technology is being used to provide solutions to the cities and how companies are pushing those solutions to the market.

Exponential Innovation 4
The Exponential Innovation 4.0

Rudy Bianco, lecturer at BTS and founder of #MORNINGS4 and Alex Rodriguez, aerospace engineer at the alpha Lab of the Telefonica, organized a conference regarding the “Exponential Innovation 4.0” last Tuesday.

Internet of Things Trends
Internet of Things Trends

Last month was the IOT World Congress. It was presenting a lot of changes in the digital world and it showed the world we want to live in and work in the future.

Meeting Digital Leaders at Atomian

Students from the Master in Big Data Solutions visited the workplace of Atomian, a technological company that develops business software solutions based on cognitive computing...

Meeting Digital Leaders at Advanced Factories Congress

Advanced Factories Congress is the largest European Congress about the Industry 4.0, where professionals meet manufacturing systems and innovation of automation...

UX insights with Tomaso Vido de Zaccaria, UX researcher

Tomaso is a UX researcher and Eye Tracking specialist at one of the most important international travel sites. During the interview at Barcelona Technology School, he talked about...

Meeting Digital Leaders at Everis LivingLab

My name is Rachel Yap, I am from the Philippines and I've come to Barcelona Technology School to study the Master in Big Data Solutions, get immersed and learn from this city's rising digital...

Meeting Digital Leaders at Nuvolar

My name is Michel Bou Khalil. I´m a student at Barcelona Technology School and I’m from Lebanon. I majored in computer science back in one of the finest universities in my country...

Barcelona Technology School Review by Andrea Amorosi

Andrea Amorosi is a student from the Master in Digital Solutions Development. He comes from Italy and now he is a full-stack developer, specializing in creating modern web applications...


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