The Exponential Innovation 4.0

November 30, 2018

In Barcelona it is very common to organize or attend events and conferences related to different topics like future trends, the start-up scene and innovations. Rudy Bianco, lecturer at BTS and founder of #MORNINGS4 and Alex Rodriguez, aerospace engineer at the alpha Lab of the Telefonica, organized a conference regarding the “Exponential Innovation 4.0” last Tuesday. The number of attendants was very fast growing since the moment the sign-up for the conference was online. So fast that the organisation team decided to relocate the event the night before to give as many people as possible the opportunity to attend the event and listen to three very nice “Wake-up-for-the-future” keynotes.

Rudy introduced the meeting with an overview about new breath-taking technologies that are developed all around the world right now. He focused on the strength of networks and the strength of education in his keynote. Rudy introduced us as his students in Disruptive Technologies from the Barcelona Technology School, as leaders of the future, to inform everybody about us and to enable us to get easier in touch with the other attendants.

The second Keynote from Alex was about the exponential innovation. Nearly everything in the world follows exponential rules. What has been science fiction is now becoming reality with increasing speed – imagine the future. Working on a better life with clean water, fresh air, electricity for everybody and technologies used to improve the humans’ life is his main passion and he appeals to the audience to create together what will be possible in the future.

The third keynote from Juanma Freire focused on the question about the impact of new technologies, like robots and AI, on current business models – will they be replaced? At the end of the presentation, an intensive discussion between the participants about the impact on different generations began.

After the three keynotes there was still some time to get in touch with the other attendants and discuss the previously presented content.

The event of #MORNINGS4 and alpha Lab as well as the previous workshop we as BTS students had with Alex Rodriguez, were very refreshing and inspiring to start thinking in new ways to come up with new and extraordinary ideas.

Written by Sarina Jacob, Master of Digital Transformation Leadership student at Barcelona Technology School



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