Smart Factories

Transform industrial structures into smart and agile ecosystems

  • 3 DAYS


The Smart Factory Lab is a 3 days immersive program that will give you a critical view of the industry 4.0 opportunities to adapt in your industrial organization.

During this program you will learn how to implement technological change at your factory while you align an appropriate company culture that puts people first.

This program provides a broader understanding of the digital disruptions that are transforming manufacturing sectors, bringing innovation and production efficiency.

You will cover technologies such as robotics, Artificial Intelligence or industrial IoT that will permit you to generate opportunities that will facilitate the adoption of industrial innovation.

After the completion of this program, you will get the capacity to develop and structure the Smart Factory strategy of your company.

Apply fresh skills on your own workplace

This BTS Lab will help you to develop practical skills ready to apply on your own workplace.

It will enable you to discover the power of Industry 4.0. by the hand of international leaders and program mates living an immersive tech experience in Barcelona.

At the end of this BTS Lab you will get a productive outcome by developing a Smart Factory strategy aligned with the digital transformation goals of your company.

Program details

  • 3 Days Intensive Program
  • Barcelona
  • 2.500€


Project-based learning

Day 1. Introduction to Industry 4.0.

  • Understanding Industry 4.0.
  • Data Management in industry
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Smart supply
  • Digital Twins
  • Robots – cobots
  • Automatization

Day 2. Transforming Factories

  • Digital disruptions
  • Smart Factory opportunities
  • Funnel of innovation
  • Management 3.0

Day 3. Building Smart Factory Strategies

Develop an action plan to develop a winner Smart Factory strategy approach for your company.

Week 4. Remote Mentorship Session

On a week 4 you will have a remote mentorship session to validate and to get feedback on your framework.

Program Structure

3 Full Immersion Days

Every day you will experience different immersive UX-related activities

Morning session

The day will start by stimulating your creativity
with informal talks about Industry 4.0. You will
learn from digital leaders while you interact
with other participants and professionals who
will share vision, ideas and experiences about
winner Smart Factories strategies.

Daily guest

Every day, you will meet an expert from
smart factories field who will introduce you
to the backstage of Industry 4.0.

Lunch Break

We will have lunch with digital leaders while
enjoying the beautiful locations of Barcelona.

Afternoon session

After lunch, we will visit a top company in
Barcelona where we will have the chance to
listen to their Team talking about the most
advanced Smart Factories strategies,
management tools and methodologies.

Evening activities

Right after the afternoon session, we will
recap and organize all the information that we
gathered through the day. This short activity
will take place in locations we can visit for
cultural and social activities.

Outcome. Mentorship session

This program is designed to get a practical
for your company. You will get the
skills and tools needed to build and adapt the
Data-Driven Strategy of your company that
permits to lead its change to the new digital

On a week 4 you will have a remote
mentorship session to validate and to get
feedback on your framework.



Combines advanced training methods, case studies and meetings with digital and innovation leaders.


Professionals, digital leaders & innovation leaders that will empower participants trough their own experience and trough their vision.


Develop digital skills in Barcelona, European capital of innovation where you will meet digital leaders and visit companies that are disrupting business models.

Who is this program for

Owners and CEOs

Who want to lead the change in their
organizations and to drive business to
digital opportunities.


From medium and large corporations
who need to understand the role of
innovation and its opportunities in the
new digital economy.


Who want to boost their careers
disrupting business models through
Smart Factory opportunities.

About BTS

Strategic Advisory Board

Industry leaders, with experience in global digital brands, help
to develop talent ready to shape a better digital future.

Ángel García
C. Mastrodonato
Sudha Jamthe
Silicon Valley
Sergio Gago
Ricardo Baeza
Silicon Valley
Marko Gargenta
San Francisco
Academic Board

A Team of international experts. BTS most important value.

Program Fees

The program includes:
  • Visits to labs
  • Visits to digital companies
  • Keynote speakers
  • Meals (lunch and dinner) with digital leaders
  • Individual consultation on the framework
2.500 €

How to Apply

If you are passionate about Smart Factories and would like to gain invaluable knowledge from industry leaders… we look forward to receiving your application.



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