Master in User Experience Design

Create the space where humans and technology come together. Drive experience design and innovation thanks to a deep understanding of human behaviour, technology and digital solutions needs.



  • 9 MONTHS
  • 17.500€ ON CAMPUS
  • 15.500€ ONLINE


The new economy is digital. Every single day new business models, services and digital solutions appear in our lives with a common need, to understand and improve how users interact with them.

UX creates empathy between people and technology putting users first. Only a deep understanding of human behavior permits to optimize usability thanks to experience design and innovation.

With the Master in User Experience Design you will develop the most demanded UX skills while you discover in first person the innovative vision of user-centered technology design.

What will I learn?

The Master in User Experience Design will help you to become a professional able to design digital solutions centered on user needs.

You will learn to identify how users interact with technology with a learning by doing methodology that is focus on the analysis, design, prototyping and evaluation of multi-platform user interfaces. All of them are skills that will permit you deliver great user experience.

During the program you will also be introduced to web and mobile development languages that will permit you to understand the most important links between technology and UX projects while programming usable interfaces.

Program details

  • Full-Time Program
  • Barcelona
  • 9 Months
  • English
  • Awarded by BTS and the University of Barcelona
  • Starts April 2024 | October 2024
  • Professional Experience
  • 60 ECTs
  • Available ON CAMPUS | ONLINE

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Master awarded by Barcelona Technology School and the IL3-University of Barcelona, ranked best university in Spain by:


Project-based learning

UX Driven Business

Students will explore the areas of digital transformation, UX-driven product strategy, digital marketing strategies, and organizational structures. They will define KPI’s, UX metrics and calculate ROI on UX initiatives. Students will learn about conversion funnel optimization and the financial impact of user experience design. They will also learn about pricing, finance, funding, distribution, partnerships, and negotiation techniques. Students will gain tools for building their professional profile and visibility.

Foundations in human factors

With a philosophical approach, students will explore the impact of human psychology, physiology and sociology on the evolution of design and technology. Students will learn about the core human drives, the formation of habits and the process of decision-making. They will explore behavioral design and cognitive ergonomics. Students will also learn to define and apply inclusive design principles. They will also explore how to incorporate empathy, ethics, deep listening and regenerative thinking as part of the design process.

User centered technology

Students will learn to practically use different user-centered research techniques in order to gain an in-depth understanding of user expectations and needs. They will apply a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research techniques, such as online surveys, user interviews, observational studies, cultural probes, diary studies, focus groups, data analytics, etc. Students will learn to synthesize research findings and define user personas, empathy maps, user journeys, and user flows. They will also learn to define Minimum Lovable Products.

Content strategy

Students will focus on boosting brand awareness and creating content that engages users. They will learn about branding, content strategy, storytelling, UX writing and visual content production. Students will learn to create new brands for startups as well as re-branding of existing products. They will also learn to write creative briefs and create digital marketing content for different channels and stages of the conversion funnel.

UI Design & Prototyping

Students will focus on creating frictionless and engaging user interfaces. They will learn various prototyping and wireframing techniques and tools. They will create clickable wireflows, as well as visual UI prototypes. Students will learn to define and apply UI design principles and create pattern libraries and design systems. They will familiarize with the latest trends in UI design, and explore design for different formats, platforms, industries and audiences.

Testing and assessment

Students will examine different tools and methodologies for testing the efficiency and success of a solution for users. By taking qualitative and quantitative approach students will learn different testing methodologies, QA & QC, test plan development, test facilitation, usability heuristics, and competitive testing. They will explore tools like A/B testing, heatmaps, conversion funnels, recordings, form analysis, and the use of feedback polls. Moreover, students will learn about backlog creation and prioritization of tasks.

UX Leadership & Management

Students will explore the tools for managing, structuring and transforming visions and expectations into realistic roadmaps, effective team collaborations, and successful user experiences. They will learn to manage product life cycles, plan resources, manage backlogs and structure sprints using project management software. Students will learn to apply an agile mind-set to UX Research & Design efforts. They will also explore areas like people management, change management, and communication skills.


Students will focus on the creation of economic value by developing core capabilities of opportunity recognition, resource acquisition, and entrepreneurial management. They will learn to develop business models for start-ups, to validate markets and to manage the scalability of a digital project. Students will also learn to deal with investors and to write a business plan for startups.

Interface Development

Students will explore the foundations of front-end development for both web and mobile and learn to build proof of concepts and HIFI prototypes. They will learn the basics of responsive web design using HTML, HTML5, CSS3, Web Standards, etc. The students will explore JavaScript foundations and familiarize with concepts related with web and mobile development, AMP, PWA, JAMSTACK, Hybrid Development, and frameworks like React, Angular and Vue.

Innovation & Creative Technology

Students will explore different innovation methods and ideation techniques. They will learn to identify and describe new business opportunities and digital products based on user needs. Students will navigate design thinking and discover how to synthesize ideas collaboratively. They will learn the frameworks and ecosystems for innovation.


Students work during all the program on a final project with the aim to build a real digital product. The main goal is to equip the students with the adequate tools and knowledge to define and solve problems in an innovative and collaborative way. They learn to identify opportunities and design digital solutions with focus on user needs.



Highly qualified instructors and well known professionals


Real & experienced professionals will mentor your digital projects


Ensures academic accreditation, quality and certification


Visit and learn from the tech leaders


Inspire your own projects and new disruptive digital business


Digital Labs & innovation projects exposure


Get professional orientation for your digital career


Student diversity groups at BTS reflects the industry need of talent

International diversity

Be among the best international talent coming from all over the world.

Digital projects, due to its escalability, become global projects that impact all kind of regions and cultures. International Teams are now crucial to ensure we are covering the multicutural user needs.

Gender diversity

BTS is over the average of digital industry in gender diversity.

We understand the importance of having a balanced ratio of woman in tech and that’s why 45% of BTS students are part of this gender.

Background diversity

We welcome students with tech and with business background.

Digital transformation is changing entire sectors that need talent ready to lead new digital projects.

To understand and detect opportunities in this new economy, you have to develop tech skills but also generate business links that permit you to build innovative projects.

Professional Experiences
Tech industry is exploding and the key digital companies need your talent. Barcelona Technology School connects your career with the digital industry while brings you the most demanded digital knowledge & skills.

About BTS

Strategic Advisory Board

Industry leaders, with experience in global digital brands, help
to develop talent ready to shape a better digital future.

Ángel García
C. Mastrodonato
Sudha Jamthe
Silicon Valley
Sergio Gago
Ricardo Baeza
Silicon Valley
Marko Gargenta
San Francisco
Academic Board

A Team of international experts. BTS most important value.

Program Fees

The program includes
  • Awarded by the University of Barcelona. Ranked first university in Spain.
  • Admission process feedback after 24/48 hours of submission of application.
  • High quality instruction & reduced groups of students per class.
  • Connection with the Digital Industry.
  • Available Services per request:
  • Special conditions to access one of the best sports club in the city located right in front of the beach.
  • Full Health Coverage Insurance.
ONLINE 15.500 €
ON CAMPUS 17.500 €

How to Apply

If you are passionate about User Experience Design and you would like to develop the best digital skills and have a master experience in Barcelona… we just need from you:

1. Application Form. Fill the application form.

2. Motivation letter & CV. You must send to the admissions office the application form, your CV as well as a motivation letter explaining how you think User Experience will evolve in the next five years and how you could contribute to this digital transformation.

3. Assessment. Our admission officers, as well as the director of the program, will analyze your candidature and if you meet the profile of Barcelona Technology School, we will call you to have a chat.



Shape the
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Join us to shape the digital future

We would love you join this exciting journey of transformation.

The digital ecosystem has become the new status quo, it is changing entire industries and business, relationships and any other aspect of our lives.

Our purpose is to help you to generate a digital impact able to make a better world made of human technology.

Are you ready? Connect with us, we hope to see you soon in Barcelona.

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