Ravi Daswani

February 21, 2018
Academic Board

Ravi Daswani


Current position
Co-founder and CEO of Global Nano Network (Battery tech), Investor and Advisor of ThanksBox (HR-Tech) Co-founder of Crystalusion Limited (Nanotechnology consumer products) / Investor of Cognino AI (Explainable Artificial Intelligence) / Investor of Prometheus Technologies (Fintech) / Professor and Mentor at Barcelona Technology School.

Strategic business development / Technology Innovation / Project Management / Supply Chain Management / Fundraising.

Ravi Daswani’s expertise lies in the strategic business development and planning. He has worked across various industries setting up and managing projects to develop innovations and launch new products. Early on in his career he worked at Google and was an early employee at Facebook in Europe where he managed global accounts. Ravi is the CEO of Global Nano Network (GNN) and is responsible for developing and executing the company’s business plan. GNN is a battery technology start-up focussed on developing battery components using non-toxic chemicals and greener manufacturing processes. Ravi also invests in startups, is a trustee of the charity Serve2see.org and a professor and mentor at Barcelona Technology School. Ravi was born in Yokohama, raised in Barcelona, and he studied in London. He has worked in multiple cities around the world and he speaks 5 languages.


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