Ángel Garcia

February 21, 2018
Academic Board

Ángel García


Current position
Founding Partner of Lanta Digital Ventures / Founding Partner of Startupbootcamp IoT-Data & Cybersecurity / Member of the Strategic Advisory Board at Barcelona Technology School where he also teaches Entrepreneurship.

Investment in Technology Ventures / Artificial Intelligence / Data Tech / Software Enterprise / SaaS / Data Analytic.

Angel Garcia has extensive experience investing in early-stage Technology ventures being currently invested in more than 40 companies in Europe and the US.

Angel is Founding Partner of Lanta Capital and Startupbootcamp, Internet of Things & Data (SBC) and Cybersecurity in London. SBC is a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators which takes startups global by giving them direct access to an international network of the most relevant partners, investors, and mentors in their sector. SBC now operates globally with 22 accelerator programs and 18 locations in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, London, Singapore, Miami and New York.

Lanta Capital is an early stage venture capital fund that invests in innovative start-ups.

Prior to that Angel was shareholder and CFO of Fractus, a European successful Technology start-up. Fractus was an early pioneer in developing internal antennas for smartphones, tablets and other wireless Internet of Things devices and holds an intellectual property rights portfolio of more than 40 inventions protected through over 120 patents applications worldwide. Its intellectual property and patent portfolio are widely recognized within the industry – licensees include Samsung, LG, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, Sanyo, and Sharp.


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