Meeting Digital Leaders at Atomian

June 26, 2018

Lluís Sergi Sarri is a student from the Master in Big Data Solutions. He has an aeronautic engineering background with work experience in public administration, and now he is upgrading his skills of Data Analysis at Barcelona Technology School.

As a part of the Data-driven Business class, Sergi and his classmates visited Atomian, a technological company that develops business software solutions based on cognitive computing. Let´s see how his experience looks like.

Students from the Master in Big Data Solutions visited the workplace of Atomian in Sant Cugat.

Amaia, Guille, Alex, and Miquel explained to us the technology they have been developing inside Atomian.

Atomian is a Big Data company completely different from what we have seen before. The algorithm built by them has one primary purpose: to understand the information. That is why they always called it: A digital Brain.

Atomian can relate vast amounts of data and deduce information: a cognitive system of Artificial Intelligence. Symbolic thinking is innate for humans, but not for machines. So this is one of the significant achievements done by Atomian because it can replicate the way a human thinks building symbols.

As humans, we are used to learning, how machines work. With companies like Atomian, that could change soon. Machines will adopt the way humans understand the world.

Atomian’s solutions can be an opportunity for so many companies to obtain knowledge from their Big Data sources, with structured or non-structured data, and help them to improve their decision-making process with quality information and reducing the research time drastically.

Nowadays they are working in different areas: Health, Banking, Travels, Production, Contracts… We hope to see them grow and become a very influential company for the years to come.



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