BTS Students Meeting Co-Founders of Otter

January 23, 2019

On 20th December Fernando Ozores, teacher of Creative Technology classes, invited Master in Digital Solutions Development students to attend a special event. We went to a co-working space Montoya, where we met two co-founders of the startup, called Otter.

Firstly they began by introducing their initial idea, how they created MVP (minimum viable product) and how they started testing it. They also showed us the current working process of their business. Which tools they have used for attracting customers to the platform, how many designers do they have and what is the way to become one of them.

For me it was amazing to hear, what they are doing and especially the fact, that they are not using any kind of investments. I saw real implementation of the lean startup methodology, I mean creating MVP and then start testing and changing it according to the market needs.

I was surprised that all you need is: passion about idea, to be ready to work hard on it, to be very flexible in order to adopt changes from the market and of course – working MVP at the beginning stage of the startup.

After they finished their presentation and we asked questions we were interested in, it was the time for us to present our ideas. Each group (we had 3 groups) presented their idea and the process of developing it. Afterwards, co-founders gave us feedback and their opinion, where we could improve and move forward. The event ended with productive discussion about every project and potential paths to go.

To sum up I would like to say that this event was extremely useful for us, as students in a digital sphere. We actually touched the working business model and saw a real example of how it is possible to validate an idea and then improve it according to the customer needs.

Written by Viktor Golubov, Master in Digital Solutions Development student at Barcelona Technology School



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