BTS students at Smart City Expo World Congress

December 5, 2018

Previous week, Barcelona Technology School gave us an exceptional opportunity to attend the Smart City Expo World Congress. In this event, we could see how the technology is being used to provide solutions to the cities and how companies are pushing those solutions to the market.

Sometime before the event the teacher of Disruptive Technology subject, Rudy Bianco, introduced us to the CEO of the Congress – Ugo Valenti, who gave us a speech in the class and invited us to the Smart City Expo World Congress.

The event was organized really well! There were some huge stands of the worldwide companies, and most of the stands were clustered by originating countries or specialization in technology. What is more, we could attend some interesting speeches in a dedicated space in the Congress.

I got amazed seeing how the cities can be fully interconnected in the future, and how the technologies are now being developed while considering the environmental impact. I saw solutions on electrical cars, renewable energy and solutions to help monitor the resources’ usage. In the Congress, I got the feeling that everything is possible, that a good idea to solve the current and future problems can become real, and, I understood that there already are some people making these changes happen.

Having this kind of experience that BTS provided us is much more than just getting prepared for the market, it is also about empowering ourselves to contribute and shape a better digital technology-rich world.

Written by Ilana Moro, Master in Digital Transformation Leadership student at Barcelona Technology School



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