Meeting Digital Leaders at Advanced Factories Congress

April 9, 2018

Advanced Factories Congress is one of the largest European Congress about the Industry 4.0, where professionals meet manufacturing systems and innovation of automation. Thanks to Eurecat, the Technology Center of Catalonia, in collaboration with Barcelona Technology School in the Master in Big Data Solutions, and its role as the partner of the Industry 4.0 Congress, BTS students had the chance to participate in this event. Román González, a student from Mexico, wants to share what he saw during the congress. Let´s discover his experience:

As a complement of the Master in Big Data Solutions, we went to the Industry 4.0 Congress. It was my first time in the forum and it was a pretty nice place.

The congress connects data analytics and new information sources to the Industry 4.0 in order to improve the automation and manufacturing technologies in the sector. It´s a new digital revolution that is transforming the traditional factories.

There were lots of robots doing different things using new technologies, new ways of visualization and new methods of getting information, which are being applied to the companies and manufacturing business.

Many interesting conferences were given from different companies and sectors and it was quite impressive to hear from people in various areas to see what they think about the Industry 4.0 and, where they are able to use it, depending on the needs of each sector. People were pretty delighted with the use of technology in this field, for example the robotic progress in liberation of human labor from repetitive works, reduction of human error in inspection or handling process, development of Internet of Things which permits us to monitor the processes to control the quality, production and traceability of the finished product, etc.

During the congress, we have complemented our knowledge of coding with its real-life application, so it really inspired us a lot.

Barcelona Technology School, as an international university of technology, connects us to the digital ecosystem. We saw in this congress lots of things that we had no idea that could be done. It´s impressive how technology and innovation are being applied to the smart factories.



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