User Experience Design students visit Typeform

May 29, 2019

On the 28th of March, our students of the Master in User Experience Design visited Typeform with their User Interface Design teacher Carlota Royuela.

Typeform is an international company based in the sunny city of Barcelona. They are specialized in online forms and surveys. Carlota gave our students a tour of their amazing offices. The space is absolutely beautiful with lots of plants. Apart from that, our students were also able to see how the company is bringing User Experience to the front of the line.

Next, they went up to the terrace, where Typeform employees have a very nice space to relax and engage with each other. Our students sat there for a while and discussed a variety of topics related to the importance of treating employees with respect.

After that, it was time for them to sit in on the product design teams critique meeting. Each team member presented and reviewed what they had been working on during the week. This time, Carlota presented one of her work and afterwards took any feedback the rest of the team might have had.

Once the meeting was over, our students went back to the bar and had an opportunity to meet Typeform’s new CEO. They could also talk to some of the team members and ask them for career advice.

Overall, our students had a great experience. Typeform offices are amazing and an excellent source of inspiration. In their visit, our students could observe how UX is having a big impact on this company and how all its employees feel that their voices are being heard.

Written by Rachel White, Master in User Experience Design student at Barcelona Technology School



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