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Rebecca, student experience at Barcelona Technology School

June 8, 2017

Coming from Hong Kong and with a background in political science, Rebecca has come to Barcelona Technology School to do the Master in Digital Solutions Development in order to make a change in her career. Take a look at her story!

What inspired you to go to study a Master abroad?

Actually, I wanted to gain some global education and more experience, to meet different people from around the world. Also, I know that Barcelona has a lot of startups and besides it’s an international hub, so I thought that going to Barcelona to study a Master would be a good choice.

How would you describe your experience in a city as Barcelona?

The first thing I like about Barcelona is the good weather, it’s very sunny around the year. And the second thing is that there are always some activities to do every weekend I’m always looking forward to know what I can do, such as a different festival. And I also enjoy the beach, even when I don’t have anything to do, I just go there and hang out, it´s very relaxing.

Do you think this studying abroad experience has had an impact on your life? If yes, in what way?

This is the first time I´ve gone abroad to study a Master, especially for 9 months, and I really feel like I’m growing in a good way, I’m more independent, better with soft skills because I need to do a lot of things by myself as well as to deal with different people with different nationalities. For me, this experience has made me more willing to speak out what I want or what I want to pursue in my life.

Do you think the Master in Digital Solutions Development has helped you to acquire new skills?

Yes. I studied politics and before didn’t have a background of technology or business, so I think Barcelona Technology School is really helping me to get skills to a more advanced level. I’m really pleased with what I’ve learned and I’m gaining more interest in those subjects.

What’s your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is Android Development and Cloud Computing, I really like the professors, they pay a lot attention to me, especially considering that I had no previous background in technology, they are always willing to help me. And I also like the methodology they use to clear my doubts in a way that if I can’t solve them in class, I can always deal with them after class as well; and the classes are well prepared and we can read the materials before class. In general the classes are very clear and constructive, and the professors always help me to get what I need.

How would you describe your experience during the internships? Do you think the Master helped you to apply the learnt knowledge there?

I work as a front-end developer in my internship, and BTS has helped me a lot to gain the knowledge I should´ve had, for example languages such as CSS, HTML, etc. The Master in Digital Solutions Development has helped me to build a good foundation of what I should´ve known before I start the internship, so now I´ve acquired more knowledge and it´s helping me build a better profile.

Where do you see yourself in the near future? How would you position yourself in the digital industry?

I think in the future I would still want to be front-end developer, right now I feel like I’m gaining more tools and knowledge about this area, and in the near future within five years, I think I’ll still be interested in doing this kind of job. I want to become a professional front end developer.

Have you thought about combining politics and technology?
Before I learned a lot about sociology, and when you know sociology, you know about people and culture. I think if I work in a startup, such knowledge will certainly allow me to contribute more.

What do you think about your change in the degree?
BTS gave us necessary resources even before starting the Master’s classes, for example in web development, we’ve always had extra classes to enhance the skills and I think this is very important for the first few months, pushing ourselves to learn.

How do you deal with the switch of mentality?
A technical profile has a different mindset. For a student from other kind of degree the mindset is different. But it’s like something you need to learn, like how to think, and after that you get the logic. Now even though I don’t understand everything, I can still get the logic of it or the sense.

Could you tell us three main reasons to recommend Barcelona Technology School?

The first thing is about the knowledge we gain as it is very applicable to real life, especially during the internships, what I’ve learned from the Master is very compatible with the reality, in the Master we discuss about new technologies for instance, which is helpful in real life.

The second thing is about the professors, some of them are really patient, and have very good knowledge about what they teach. It’s very helpful to have them to guide us.

The third thing is about the school, I think it’s very supportive, and like I mentioned before we have extra class to help us to learn more at the early stage and to have a better foundation. I’m really happy that the school can give us extra support.

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