"My experience at BTS has been very good and made lifelong friends here!"

Emanuelle Lima

February 12, 2024

I’m Emanuelle, I was born and raised in Brazil, and I have a bachelor’s in business administration.

What inspired you to study abroad?

I have previous experience in customer experience, and I came to Barcelona to study Master in Product Management, because I felt like it would connect a lot with my previous background and also help me getting the product world. Back in 2014 I had an international experience, I lived in Canada, and I just fell in love with the diversity of learning and different things and different people and cultures, and since then I always tried to travel a lot. Then studying abroad was always a big goal for me and then made a lot of sense and also because I really liked working in an international environment. So, studying in an international environment also makes a lot of sense to me.

How is living in Barcelona?

Living in Barcelona is amazing! I can’t complain at all, the weather is super nice, people are very friendly, it’s a very international environment as well. So, as a Portuguese speaker I can get around with portuñol, but still I can get around with English easily I am learning some Spanish and people are very proactive, and they are supportive with my language journey. So, I am having an amazing experience here, and I can’t wait for the summer.

How do you see yourself in future?

Oh, this is quite hard! I can say like how I see myself in a short-term future, and that is like definitely working with product and in a management position which is kind of what I am trying to make happen right now. And yeah, I see myself in the position that I choose to be, but there is a lot of other things going on, that I still have to think about.

Why would you recommend Barcelona Technology School?

So, Barcelona Technology School is a very professionally environments. So here I am having the opportunity to work with people from all over the world. Als, one thing that I really like is that Barcelona Technology School is connecting us with a lot of different events, opportunities for working, for learning about new technologies and this is making a huge impact on me, I am learning a lot. And I am being able to connect with people form the community and this makes a lot of difference, and I don’t think that It’s so easy to find a place like that.

Is this time abroad impacting your life?

So, since I came here, I am learning a lot about how to be customer-centric and make sure that products are build to customer needs. And I have been looking for job opportunities, which likely I have found and right now I’m being able to use the theory that I am learning at school at work. And it’s making a lot of sense and many times I see myself facing challenges that I use to see in business cases, and I feel more prepared to work on that. And yeah, I think it’s being very well connected.

How is your experience at Barcelona Technology School?

My experience at Barcelona Technology School has been very good and made lifelong friends here! And also, the professors are very supportive and one thing that I really like is that everyone is actually working, it’s not like super theoretical, they bring like everything to practice, and this is what I was looking for, so I am happy with that.

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