4YFN (Mobile World Congress) seen by BTS students

March 11, 2016
As part of the activities of the Master in Digital Solutions Development and within the experience of Barcelona Technology School, the BTS students had the opportunity to visit 4YFN (4 Years From Now). This is an international business and networking platform that creates connections among startups, investors and corporations that focuses on several main issues such as Mobile, the Internet of Things, Big Data and Virtual Reality, among others. BTS students agree that 4YFN is a great opportunity for young startups to get the attention of the investors and gain financial support by introducing their last creations within the technological sector. It is the place where the entrepreneurs expose the work of their lifes to the rest of the world.
Susanna At 4YFN startups get prepared to meet investors”
During the event that was held from 22 to 25 February in Barcelona within the framework of the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2016), the students could take a walk and explore some of the 570 startups present this year and learn about the last technologies. It exists different opinions among the students about which one was the most promising startup of the event. For them, some of the most interesting are those related to the music sector, like Playmoss which in their opinion is making a great job by creating a platform for musicians and producers to post their own subscription services. Another example of a promising startup is Intranetum, whose creators have developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that helps companies build their knowledge management or, those companies related to medicine and biology like Natural Machines and Talkitt.
“In my opinion the startups most promising were the ones related to biology and medicine like Natural Machines and Talkitt”
Without any doubt, for BTS students the technology which impacted them the most was Virtual Reality. This technology, considered by experts one of the technologies that will rule 2016, got all the attention of the attendants and was present in a lot of stands. The students agree that is the most impressive and some of them affirm that is going to change the way we all communicate to the point that it would replace the phones completely. It will be a new trend in the technology world. Another technology that amazed BTS students was Google TensorFlow, an open source software library open to anyone who needs or wants to experiment with artificial intelligence. All its content can be shared and any machine that contains a learning algorithm can get benefit of that system. The aim of it is to build an active community of open source that boost the future of this library by providing feedback and contributing to source code. One of the advantages of that technology is that the user doesn’t need any requirement to access to the information, and it is completely free. It is a perfect opportunity for them to step into the digital field and its future, some of the technologies seen in the event that BTS students would like to be involved in are Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things. All of them agree that those are the ones that really interested them and are the most promising.
“Virtual Reality will be a new trend in the technology world”
4YFN is a great place to get in touch with others entrepreneurs, to get new clients and possible investors. There, BTS students had the opportunity to meet people to work with in the future. One of the personalities that the students could meet in 4YFN was an entrepreneur from Korea that helped small stores to get visibility on the Internet by using a system integrated in bikes. Also, he created a way to transform a bike into a cart, so in this way it could transport any object of any size at the same time that was registering the stores in the web.
Juan “In the future I’d like to work with GameBCN and its PlayStation Program”
In addition, they consider Wayra, a great accelerator to work with in the future in order to boost their projects. This program that belongs to the Telefónica group, supports the creation of tech startups in Spain and South America since 2011. In conclusion, it has been an enriching experience that has helped BTS students by giving them the opportunity to be in contact, in first person, with the entrepreneur and digital business ecosystem.


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