Aleix Camps

November 15, 2023
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Aleix Camps


Aleix Camps

Current position
Innovation Manager at CX LAB and COO at XtraordinarY People

Product Management | Business Intelligence | Data Science | Python and SQL | Management Consulting

📍 Between BCN – SFO – NY – CDMX

Here is a snap of me, professionally speaking:

🙋🏽‍♂️ Currently working as COO and Entrepreneur at XtraordinarY People. We aim to create a nurturing environment for people with learning differences (such as dyslexia, ASD and ADHD) to thrive.

🦸🏽 Part of “CX LAB”, where I have helped to develop the Startup Studio methodology, and guided the project’s product owners to grow as fast and efficient as possible.

📑 Ex-management consultant | Draw (mostly) tech and product strategies for multinational companies, which included revenue and business development analysis, and data, model of governance, and data literacy research.

📊 BI and PM | Self-teaching in my internships got me to do a 60-branches research of sales margin evolution, create PowerBI dashboards, implement Project Management tools to work in a team more efficiently, and work hand-by-hand with tech staff.


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