Arin Soleymani, student experience at Barcelona Technology School

May 15, 2017

Arin is from the Scandinavian technology hub: Sweden, and has chosen to come to Barcelona Technology School to study the Master in Digital Solution Development. He also started his own company based here in Barcelona, take a look at his story!

What inspired you to go to study a Master abroad?

For me, moving to Barcelona was inspired by the city, which is an amazing place where international people meet international people, and to learn a lot from them.

How would you describe your experience in a city as Barcelona?

My experience in Barcelona is very nice because of  the combination of the good weather, nice city and nice people. And to mention that Barcelona itself as a growing city within the tech industry.

What´s the impact of studying abroad for you?

Moving to Barcelona has made me gain more experience, and studying here the Master in Barcelona Technology School has just been a boost because of meeting new people, getting into the tech industry and learning new things that I could take with me for my future life.

Do you think the Master in Digital Solutions Development has helped you to acquire new skills?

The Master in Digital Development Solutions at Barcelona Technology School has helped me to acquire new skills, which is helping me to work with my clients and to develop a digital agency here in Barcelona.

What´s your favorite subject?

My favorite subjects at Barcelona Technology School are Agile and the developing courses because we learned how to make really good digital solutions, and the way you should develop a good project using these skills.

How would you describe your experience as an entrepreneur? Do you think the Master helped you to apply the learnt knowledge in your project?

Coming from an entrepreneurship background, I would say that Barcelona Technology School has just helped me add more things to my portfolio, which is very useful for the future. Also, coming here to do the Master from a different country has helped me to meet new people here in Barcelona, and also gather up as a team. Actually we´ve started a new company here in Barcelona,  and right now we are focusing on helping clients to develop their digital projects.

Where do you see yourself in the near future?

For the next five years, I see myself staying here in Barcelona, since it´s such a great city. And I´ll just keep on developing myself in the tech industry and helping my clients with their needs using technologies.


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