Barcelona startup ecosystem gets 60% of the spanish investment

February 5, 2016

Barcelona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is experiencing more growth than ever. Increasingly the investors are rooting for the Catalan city and its technological environment. Startups based here such as LetGo, Wallapop, UserZoom or TypeForm are leading the financing rounds. In the last year, tech sector generated more than 500 million USD in investment in Spain and 60 percent of the money invested went to Barcelona-based startups.

The numbers don’t lie. In 2015, companies and startups based in the European city got a number of funds of 324 million euro, including crowdfunding and biotechnological. Once again, Barcelona is the most relevant Spanish city in the technological landscape.

The data, published by WebCapitalRiesgo, StartupExplore, ACRI, novobrief and Mobile World Capital, shows the good status of the Barcelona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem where coexists tech companies and startups supported by public, private, local and international investors (capital major contributors). All of them are betting and so boosting the Barcelona tech ecosystem.

Startups with higher investment
Among the companies that are representing the explosive growth we find LetGo which leaded the financial round in 2015 with 92 million euro, in second place Wallapop with 40 million euro, UserZoom took the third place with 30 million euro, it follows Digital Origin (15 million euro), TypeForm with 13 million euro, Kantox (10 million euro) and finally others startups.

Gráfico 1 final

Barcelona is a digital hub where it has emerged one of the youngest and promising startup ecosystem with just 4.8 years of existence.

The startup sectors that got more investment in 2015 were Ecommerce, Pure software, Fintech and health, which have been the most attractive areas during the last year.

What’s about 2016

It is clear that 2015 has been a great year for the startup ecosystem in Barcelona but, what about 2016?

According to Venture Watch, one of the industries most promising for this year is Data, which could get the same capital as FinTech got last year. Internet of Things and Lifestyle will be also others sectors that will become more popular during the current year. They consider that in 2016 we will see a similar amount of investment than 2015 and it would be surprising if we see a bigger growth.

A truly fact is that Barcelona is becoming a reference entrepreneur ecosystem that it is constantly evolving. The number of startups, accelerator programs, venture capital entities and tech educational projects, choose the city to develop its activity. That generates a high demand of digital talent that is required by the companies and a huge amount of job offers are emerging.

According to the digital industry, the most demanded digital skills are web development, mobile development (iOS and android), big data, cloud computing, agile, software craftsmanship, user experience, digital business, entrepreneurship and creative technology. Barcelona Technology School is developing international talent through master and postgraduate programs based on those contents, what ensures a professional experience to the participants.

Another example of an institution that benefits this technological change is the Founders and Investor Sessions that forms part of 4 Years From Now, the mobile startups’ congress supported by Mobile World Capital and GSMA along with the Mobile World Congress. Founders and Investors allow entrepreneurs to be in contact with potential investors attracted in the startup’s sector, and with enough funds to invest in it. Entrepreneurs have the chance to meet them at the 3-minute sessions and show their projects.

The Barcelona’s entrepreneurial community is in the good way. The figures are better than ever and it shows the good situation that is being through. Without any doubt, is the perfect city for entrepreneurs to develop its business and one of the best places for the investors to grow.


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