Dana Calbosa

December 15, 2022
Academic Board

Dana Calbosa


Current position
Senior Product Manager / Professor at Barcelona Technology School

Product Management / Digital / Empathy / Technical background

Dana has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business and Technology, and more than fifteen years of working experience in the technology sector. She started her professional career in IT at a young age, specializing in information security, and then moving to the mobile and digital field as a Digital Project Lead. Following this experience she decided to expand her skills and develop a customer-centric and business-oriented focus. With this purpose, she introduced herself into Product Management, through a 5-million-user-base mobile application.
Over the years, she has also led a team of product owners, and worked with business and technical leaders, delivering outstanding outcomes aligned with the product strategy, and executed through continuous discovery and delivery processes.
Two years ago, she decided to relocate from Argentina to Spain, to complete her Master’s exchange program and to dive into the fintech industry by joining an innovative European digital bank. Finally, she has recently initiated her academic path within the scope of Digital Product Management.


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