David Belgoff

November 30, 2020
Academic Board

David Belgoff


Current position
Senior Cybersecurity Research at Funditec / Professor of the Executive Master in Digital Healthcare

Product Innovation / Management Consulting / Business Strategy / Disruptive Technologies

Entrepreneur, tireless explorer, and eternal dreamer are words that define David. Passionate about technology, design, innovation, and projects that have a great impact on the life of companies, people, and always in search of new personal and professional challenges.

Co-founder of Licens3d, a startup born from The Collider program of the Mobile World Capital Foundation, which protects the intellectual property of 3D drawings in the manufacturing industry and responsible for business development in Darco, a consulting and development project of PoC in different DLTs technologies focusing mainly on the Internet of Things.

DLTs technology consultant helping companies understand the technology and the impact it will have on their market and assess the risk of starting to explore use cases. An investor in blockchain projects and enthusiast in disruptive technologies such as renewable energies, electric mobility, blockchain + tangle, IA + machine learning.


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