Digital Solutions DEMO DAY 2017

July 11, 2017

On 7th of July, Barcelona Technology School hold the Digital Solutions DEMO DAY at Mobile World Centre. After nine months of hard work, students of the Master in Digital Solutions Development had the chance to present their final projects in a pitch environment at the heart of one of the most innovative cities in Europe.

Coming from different parts of the world, BTS students had been working on entrepreneurial projects aimed to transform current economies. They presented innovative digital solutions for various sectors with one single goal: to build a better life through the latest digital technologies.

Members from TripQuest come from countries including Canada, Spain and the Netherlands, and they put their focus on the touristic industry by developing an interactive tool, which helps travel agencies to know their customs better and involve them in the design process, thus creating better and personalized experiences for travelers.

The second group to present was OPN24, whose members found that Sundays when all the shops are closed in Barcelona could be a huge opportunity. They constructed a platform to connect all the corner shops in order to create an online marketplace where people could carry out purchase at any time of the week: A win-win situation for both consumers and shop owners.

Focusing on connecting people and smart cities, LEASY, whose name is the combination of “Life” and “Easy”, aims to offer a mobile “All-in-one” solution that would connect, improve and support the confidence and safety of the aging population, as well as of those who have low vision impairment on busy streets of smart cities.

The last group Kitches bases their product on the shared economy. Kitches is a platform created for gastronomy lovers who want home cooked meals but lack time or skills by connecting people with home chefs. With Kitches, people could enjoy unique homemade meals in their preference.

During the presentations, the jury consisted of tech leaders challenged the students with strategical and technical questions, such as market size, funding, user experience, etc. to create an atmosphere of real pitch that could happen to students as entrepreneurs.

There is no doubt that through the final project students were able to apply both technical and business skills learned during the Master, as well as to discover their own potential in developing innovative digital solutions for different sectors. More importantly, they had the chance to experience working as entrepreneurs to develop products that meet the industry´s needs and to carry out teamwork as a real startup.

Congratulations to all the BTS students on their brilliant ideas to shape the digital future!



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