"It´s a good chance to enhance my professional network and develop myself as a human."

Ignacio Flores

February 23, 2024

My name is Ignacio Flores, I am from Chile, South America. My background is around business and administration, that is what I have studied at university. And I have my degree of that. And I came here to Barcelona, to study Digital Transformational Leadership program, which is very helpful for me to develop and enhance my ability and skills.

What inspired you to study abroad?

Well, I just wanted my first international experience, so this is mainly why I am here, because I want to grow as I mentioned before as a person and here, I get to know a lot of new people, classmates, teachers, coordinators here in BTS. They are very lovely and enchanting with me, so I am very happy to be here to look for this new experience and personal growth.

How is living in Barcelona?

Well, amazing! This is an amazing city, as a South American we enjoy the sun, so here is one of the cities in Europe which have the sunniest days in a year. I am very happy about this, the city has a lot of things to do, during the day and also have a great nighttime, I am enjoying it. I get to know new people and new social environments, so this is amazing for me. I think I will grow.

How do you see yourself in future?

I really enjoy my time here, I just struggling if I want to stay one more year maybe or go back to Chile. Because as I mentioned I have a business there, with my family, so I just want to prove myself everywhere I am very happy here but if I just decide to spend one more year here it will be amazing also. But then if I go back to Chile, it will be also good, so I am very happy.

Are you developing new skills?

First, for the international experience, I get to practice my English, this is one of the main aspects that I want to develop. So, I am here growing myself in this aspect, I started to create my own ideas in English, so I am very happy about that. How can I trust my ideas and my knowledge to help other people and myself, so, of course mainly about my social ability my relationship abilities and then my professional abilities, of course. Right now, we are living in a very technological fast world, so mainly I am here to know about all the aspects about new technologies mainly and how can I get a good approach to apply all this new technology in my business, in my social life, in all the aspects of my life, because the world is changing, so I need to change and I want to improve mainly.

Why would you recommend Barcelona Technology School?

My stay here was amazing, it is still amazing of course, the teachers are very good, they are nice professionals, I can get to know some of the teachers and some of my classmates they were enlightening for me. Also, I have to say that the coordination part, of BTS they where very lovely, enchanting and they are always worried about how we are learning, and how are we approaching all the knowledge that we are learning here, so I am very happy I would love to recommend this experience for me to other people.

Is this time abroad impacting your life?

Yes, so as I mentioned human skills are very important for me. My relationships are the most enchanting things, and the thing that the most inspire me to improve myself and go to new parts and develop new skills and get to know new people and new countries and new cultures. So, this is mainly why I am here, the international experience as given me so far, a lot of things, so I imagine myself in a couple of years in the future like a wider professional, with new amazing skills where I can get to improve my business, improve social life and improve all the aspects that are important for me.

How is your experience at Barcelona Technology School?

Amazing, super amazing! I get to enjoy the city, I get to enjoy the school I can get to know people from all the programs which is very important for me, because in my program we are some few people so this a good chance to enhance my professional network and develop myself as a human, as a person and as a professional. I would love to recommend to all the people.

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