JOBarcelona 2017

March 20, 2017

Being held on 15 and 16 of March, this year´s JOBarcelona has witnessed more than 20000 participants who are looking for a future professional experience while 100 leading companies seek for outstanding talents to join their team.


It´s not difficult to see the importance of digital technologies in the event, as companies are increasingly looking for profiles focused on new technologies, as well social and communication capacity. Damm for example, one of the biggest beer fabricants in Spain, is determined to put a strong effort on digitization in the process of selection of candidates where it has incorporated digital forms such as LinkedIn or Skype.

More importantly, apart from marketing and sales forces, a good number of IT experts are also wanted. Microsoft and Amazon are the two main companies hiring IT talents, but it is also worth mentioning that the Nestlé Digital Hub, recently opened in Barcelona as the alimentation giant´s global centre for data analytics and processing, has attracted much attention as well.

It is also highlighted that candidates should possess a global vision on companies´ activities, not just limiting themselves on local or national level. Affinity, a multi-national specialized in pet food, is looking for candidates for their global teams for international marketing, e-commerce and sales. The company also introduced the virtual reality to its stand, with a video of 360º that allows candidates to experience how the first day in company would be, as well as the culture and spaces.


As an international institution, Barcelona Technology School also participated this year´s JOBarcelona. Precisely dedicated to the education of digital technologies and being sensible to the recruiting environment, BTS brings the next generation of digital talents in high demand which meet the requirements of world-leading companies through Master in Digital Solutions Development, Master in Big Data Solutions, Master in Fintech Solutions and Master in Digital Transformations Leadership. We are constructing actively as well an expanding ecosystem that is absorbing more and more companies, local or international, where students can have a professional experience during the academic formation, a great opportunity to apply theories to practice.

Some of BTS current students participated in the event as well, looking for an opportunity to show their talent in the digital industry. We are also glad to see that many students wish to require more information about our Master programs as one of their options for future paths, willing to obtain a higher education specialized in digital technologies.


This year´s JOBarcelona has been no doubt a great success. We are looking forward to seeing you there next year!



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