Luciano Wehrli

March 19, 2019
Academic Board

Luciano Wehrli


Current position
UX Lead at GFT IT Consulting / Founder of EnvisionUX Innovation Partners / UX Management and Testing & Assessment Professor at Barcelona Technology School

User Research / UX Management / Design & Prototyping / Design Thinking Facilitator / Voice Conversation Designer

Luciano is a UX Engineer, good combination of senior UX Researcher/Designer and Software Engineer.

He leads user-centered projects for clients around the world, participates in UX strategy definition, research, and design. He has also worked for international companies based in Argentina, France, San Francisco, and Spain, in product and service design, running generative and evaluative research studies, conducting design thinking workshops and producing end-to-end polished digital solutions.

Luciano has a great passion for people’s behavior in their context and the resultant experience due to their interactions with products and services as well as innovation challenges in a collaborative and creative environment.

He has a degree in Software Engineering, a degree in Information Systems, a master in User Experience Design, and more than a decade of experience in front-end and iOS development, UX Design, Design Thinking, and Human-Computer Interaction.

In the academic side, he has taught Web Architecture, UX Research, Human-Computer Interaction, Design Thinking, and User Experience Design at different universities and institutions such as Mar del Plata Caece University, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, and Ironhack Academy. Luciano regularly speaks in innovation congresses and is core member at IxDA Barcelona being an active part in the design community.


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