Meeting Digital leaders at Barcelona Tech City – Pier01

March 15, 2018

Franco Bonifetto is a student from the Master in Big Data Solutions at Barcelona Technology School. He comes from Argentina and now he has some new experiences in the world of data. This time, he has visited the building Pier01 from Barcelona Tech City with his classmates. Let’s discover his experiences.

Thanks to the fact that one of BTS teachers is a board member at Barcelona Tech City, a tour was made possible to take a peek into this enticing and wonderful place. As part of the entrepreneurship class, the world of Startups becomes alive. But it isn’t breathing until you enter Pier 01.

Imagine a place full of innovation. Full of vision. Full of dreams. Barcelona Tech City is real, and it is just starting. Pier 01 is just the first of many to come buildings that looks to consolidate Barcelona Harbor area as one of the most technological urban zones in the world. Under this flagpole, Barcelona Tech City’s objective is to enhance the emergent sector of technological and digital companies. With its almost 11.000 square feet, this tech haven nurtures 100 businesses and over 1.000 professionals. In here, companies such as HolaLuz, Letgo, ByHours, Ikomobi, Tiendeo, Wallapop, Antai Venture Builder and Nuclio Venture Builder sprout, and big organizations such as mVentures, Innovation Hub, Metropolis Lab: Barcelona or corporates as the SEAT, Gas Natural, Caixabank and many other keep flourishing.

The entrance is already memorable. A welcome robot screen presenting the place and offering help, nice gallery cafe down the grand spiral stairs, where weekly talks are held to boost knowledge on different topics around technology. Each floor is filled with Startups, although there are some that have grown into a steady business already. Common spaces shared by completely different startups can be differentiated one from another as they have their nicely put banner that makes the landscape really magical. Each one has its own story. How it started, what they do, what they dream of.

As a student of entrepreneurship, you are taught how people validate their ideas, build a prototype and grow its first couple million. But things just align together and start to make sense when you hear them and feel their passion. Understand their idea (which probably lived for years in the minds) in under 2 minutes and think “that’s a great idea, why are they only a team of 5?” Well, they have to start somewhere, and they will definitely end up being hundreds.

Going up the stairs and meeting funders conveys how satisfying it is to have your own company. Their speech is flawless as you imagine how far will each of them get. Each floor has its secret. For example, floor 2. Well, actually it is a big secret so better go to floor 4, where the feeling of being on top of the world infiltrates your muscles. The view of the Barcelona Harbor makes the previous experience just perfect. A nice rooftop to clear your mind and contemplate one of the most beautiful landscapes ever. If you look far enough, you can hear some whispering about the next big thing.



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