Meeting Digital Leaders at Everis LivingLab

March 13, 2018

My name is Rachel Yap, I am from the Philippines and I’ve come to Barcelona Technology School to study the Master in Big Data Solutions, get immersed and learn from this city’s rising digital and innovative tech scene. I aim to apply what I learn to real-world scenarios to help make an improvement in daily lives of people.

It was one early morning on February 14, I stepped into this newly opened office in the district of Les Corts. Our Big Data Solutions class had a scheduled company visit that day. I was a few minutes early, so I registered and waited by the lounge.

While waiting, I couldn’t help but notice the wide open space, white couches, stand-up flat screens and high glass walls surrounding me. This was Everis’ newly opened LivingLab. The ground floor exuded a modern, minimalistic and functional design.

When the rest of the group arrived, Enric Biosca, our professor and a Big Data Manager at Everis, started off our tour in the -1 floor. This space was unlike any other office I had been to. It had the same high ceilings as the ground floor, but now the space is furnished with wooden furniture. Installed by the staircase was their very own coffee and snacks bar. With wooden table and high stools, the space welcomed Everis’ visitors and clients, with refreshments. It was a space to casually chat and exchange banters before beginning the workday ahead.

As for us, we grabbed our coffee from their vending machine and settled in their stadium-styled wooden seats where we were introduced to Everis. The Spanish-born digital firm has been in business for more than 20 years now. It was clear that it had established its credibility locally and globally – gaining the trust of players in multiple industries but most evidently in mature sectors – the banking, insurance, and telecommunications industry to name a few. Acquired by NTT Data Company, Everis is expanding its reach not only across-industries but also across Europe.

Moving from our seats and onto continue the tour, we explored a bit more about the newly opened lab. Enric explains that the lab was only about 2-weeks old. We were one of the few visitors in their newly-opened lab, it felt like a privilege!

Walking along the corridors, I noticed there were several empty rooms installed. These rooms, as we came to know, were primarily built as a space to collaborate, integrate and co-create.

For instance, the User Experience (UX) lab, a space for clients and Everis’ teams to gather, collaborate and co-create outside the confines of the clients’ comfort zone. The lab is not only for companies but also for startups, research centers, and corporate universities. Where they can conduct training or sharing sessions with industry experts in their respected fields. These are multi-functional spaces, all designed with one goal in mind – promoting open innovation, where imaginations and creativity abound.

The next floor – although under construction – promised a space for showcasing Everis’ future projects. It would be a showroom, events and co-creation space — something we will all look forward to upon completion.

Last but not the least was the top floor, where we were greeted by Enric’s big data research team. This is where each one of us desired to earn a seat. The talented team welcomed us warmly and generously took time to present to us interesting projects they had been involved.

Daria, a big data developer, intelligently walked us through her presentation on product recommendation engine and sentiment analysis case to which she generously addressed all our curiosities. Then we proceeded to meet Alberto who kindly shared his knowledge and experience on data protocols, migration and compliance adaption then on to meet with Kelvin and his retail dash-boarding tool prototype that leverages their partnership with banks to offer mid-sized retail companies real-time sales monitoring and data analytics.

By the end of the presentations from the talented and warm team, we have come to know that they not only work on client’s current problems -from data analysis, deployment but also in the innovation of technology that springs from every client’s unique problem. That is why they continue to find innovative solutions that surpass client’s current needs, exploring solutions that could be offered from implied conditions. This team is looking beyond to address the needs of the future.

As a research center, Everis has its roadmap overview it updates monthly about the market and vendors. This practice shows how a company will be one step ahead, always looking forward in its quest to understand technology and define a new service, and activities – its an ever-dynamic company with a clear commitment and vision for the future.

They also recognize that they are stronger when they work in partnership with niche companies – to ensure they deliver speed and satisfaction to their clients. Not only does it focus on its clients and talents, but it also gives back to society. As part of their corporate social responsibility efforts to promote sustainability and quality in employment, they are promoting women in engineering schools, among the many efforts, they maintain to give back to society.

With continued success, the company has solidified its place in the digital world and it now aims to strengthen itself in the consulting space. With expansion plans across Europe, anyone does not want to miss an opportunity to be a part of this digitally-transformative firm.

They let their clients speak for themselves; but if you discover more about Everis and their genuine commitment to their clients, talent and the society – you will easily come to admire and aspire a place at this respected multinational firm. Also, if you are interested in getting to know more about the Everis LivingLab, you can just visit their website at:



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