Meeting Digital Leaders at Nuvolar

February 20, 2018

My name is Michel Bou Khalil. I´m a student at Barcelona Technology School and I’m from Lebanon.

I majored in computer science back in one of the finest universities in my country. However, and despite how good the education was, I wanted to experience something bigger. I decided to travel to Barcelona not only for its education reputation but also for its fine culture and professionalism among companies. I picked computer science to get a master’s degree in because this major grew on me, especially business-related programming. My objectives are to gain as much experience as possible from Barcelona and its well-known professional companies.

Last week, in one of the sessions of the Innovation and Creative Technology subject at Barcelona Technology School, we visited Nuvolar. Nuvolar is a software development company based in Barcelona. With around 40 employees, they resulted to be a truly interesting company. They build business applications, software solutions that help to improve and optimize the information flow and process within a company. With that objective, they follow Agile Methodologies.

We were received by Marc, the company CEO. After a short and interesting presentation, we were invited to participate in the Scrum meetings. It was extremely good to participate in those daily stand-up gatherings, so we could live a real experience of the updates of the different projects they are working with. We also had the chance to talk about different technologies. Programming wise, at Nuvolar they use almost every technique or technology we are studying at Barcelona Technology School; therefore, everything sounded pretty familiar. I’m talking about applications, websites and mobile development. As far as how they work, they use Scrum, UX and UI in a very agile methodology. At this moment, they are really focused on solutions for the aeronautic industry, and according to Marc information, they are growing fast. At the point, they have 10 open positions.

One thing that caught our attention, besides their business orientation, is that we really saw a positive environment among the different employees. Young and talented people, that is something that soothes and pleases me. The point is, far above the fact they focus on completing their tasks or jobs, the idea of the CEO is they have to do it by also creating a good ambiance among the workers.  They have a lot of activities to make employees feel comfortable while working there. It was simple to feel that they really see themselves as a “family”, which at the end encourages an outsider to work on their side.

If for one second I thought that by only completing my master’s degree I will have a legit experience, then I would have been mistaken, for not only by what I learn in the BTS university I’m achieving, which I could have never achieved back in my country, but from getting involved in companies I never thought existed.



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