"It is really impacting my life"

Muhanned Shehada

March 10, 2022

Muhanned is a student from the Master in Big Data & A.I. Solutions at Barcelona Technology School. He is originally from Palestine, but I live and work in Libya.

What inspired you to study abroad?

I’ve been working very hard for the last six years and I thought I needed a break and develop my skills a bit, so I did some searching online and did comparisons between the courses and I found BTS is the best option for me at that moment. Therefore, I decided to take this abroad journey and come to Barcelona to study the Master in Big Data Solutions.

How is living in Barcelona?

Living in Barcelona is really nice… It’s a beautiful city and there are a lot of monuments and attractions that you can visit, you can walk with a peaceful mind and have a moment of meditation, disconnect from the stress and the pressure you are having at home.

How do you see yourself in future?

I want to be an entrepreneur; I want to start my own business and this course has opened a few angels to me. I started to learn new things in terms of business and entrepreneurship. I’m going to start right away when I finish this master’s degree, I’m going to start up my own business.

Are you developing new skills?

I have built new skill sets with Barcelona Technology School, I have learned how to work in an agile approach, I have learned how to do scrapping for the data, data analysis, data visualization… a lot of things. Even communicate with the diversity. There are different kind of people studying with me in the same course and I’m learning new cultures.

Why would you recommend Barcelona Technology School?

I really would recommend Barcelona technology school to everyone because the way that BTS teaches the students is quite different and unique from all the other universities. They put you in the front of real-life cases and practices, they build your skills and competences to be able to work just when you finish the course and it’s more into practical activities rather than theoretical and academic exercises.

Is this time abroad impacting your life?

It is really impacting my life. I needed to disconnect a little bit from my work and try a new experience and studying abroad in Barcelona, although of all the situation of covid, it’s still worth it to come over here. I’ve been able to meet new people, to learn a new culture, have new mindsets it’s all worth it. I really recommend it.

How is your experience at Barcelona Technology School?

The experience is exciting and interesting. There are a lot of new things to learn. It’s never enough and you cannot find an end road to learn at BTS. There are always new challenges, new assignments, exercises, activities. So, you don’t have time to be bored with them and it’s a really good experience I really enjoy it.

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