"BTS programs are unique in their structure"

Nadine Cumberbatch

February 7, 2020

Nadine is a student of the Master in Digital Solutions Development at Barcelona Technology School. She comes from Trinidad & Tobago, from the telecommunications background. For her, studying at BTS is an opportunity to deepen her knowledge of digital business as well as technological skills.

What inspired you to study abroad?

Well, I came from the telecommunication industry and being in that sector I knew that if I wanted to be at the before the front of technology I either have to study in the United States or in Europe.

How is living in Barcelona?

Oh, Barcelona is a great city. It is very diverse. Everybody here is a polyglot, which means that they speak multiple languages. I think anyone can come here, even if you speak just English, it is easy to get by because it is so diverse.

How do you see yourself in future?

It is always has been a dream of mine to open my own digital start-up, that is one of my modest stand plans, but I think immediately, I would like to get a role in product management, either in Europe or back home in my country.

Are you developing new skills?

Yes, that’s one of the reasons I chose the course. I came from a commissioner background in telecom and what I really wanted to do is deepen my expertise in this sector so with this program I am learning Web Development, Mobile Development, and Web & Mobile Design.

Why would you recommend Barcelona Technology School?

The type of programs that BTS offers, you really won´t find them anywhere else. They are unique in their structure. For my program, it offers the commercial elements of digital business creation as well as technological skills. Another good thing about the school is that it is an intimate environment so that you have professors coming from the industry because of this in the classes you can take advantage of their expertise.

Is this time abroad impacting your life?

Yes, it’s is. I am really enjoying some sabbatical away from work. Besides that I am making new friends, new connections professionally and I am improving my Spanish.

How is your experience at Barcelona Technology School?

I am enjoying my experience. The staff here are very helpful. They offer you an adjustment to your new life, whether it is going through or getting your new TIE or where the good places to shop. The experience as a whole has been a great one.

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