"It’s a great experience. The professors and the knowledge are superb."

Pricilia Gunawan

March 10, 2022

Pricilia is a student of the Master in Digital Transformation Leadership at Barcelona Technology School and she comes from Indonesia.

What inspired you to study abroad?

Studying and living abroad is a totally great experience. I’ve done that before and it not only gives a wider exposure regarding a culture but also gives an opportunity to be more independent, make new friends, and have a life-changing experience.

How is living in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a beautiful city. There are stunning beaches and mountains, wonderful weather, landscape, foods, culture, and the most important thing is the people are super kind.

How do you see yourself in future?

I’m seeing myself as a leader who helps future leaders to grow and be the best version of themselves. At least that’s my Ikigai and really tights to Barcelona Technology school that helps me to find this ikigai through a lot of mentorships.

Are you developing new skills?

For sure. There is a lot of exposure, the skills that are given by this master from management, leadership, technology, creative thinking, digital marketing, business, administration, finance, basically everything that is needed to lead digital transformation.

Why would you recommend Barcelona Technology School?

It gives the knowledge that is super applicable to this current world. So, if you are not looking for a traditional master… yes totally. BTS also provides mentorships, this covers your purpose in life and it’s super helpful. And, the program is awarded by the University of Barcelona, so you know the standard is very high.

Is this time abroad impacting your life?

Yes, it is. I’ve been living abroad for eight years, and everything was easy even until I lost myself. And here I am now in Barcelona, focusing on average my knowledge and discovering myself. It means a lot to me, and I’ve felt in love with Barcelona so much. Nine months feels like nine days.

How is your experience at Barcelona Technology School?

It’s a great experience. The professors and their knowledge are superb as they are experts in the field. The staff is super helpful, approachable, and super kind to us. And the university also gives us a lot of talks, events, and webinars connecting us with great people so, it’s totally great.

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