Professional experience after Barcelona Technology School

February 3, 2017

Recently former BTS students of Master in Digital Solutions Development have reunited on campus for the graduation ceremony, where they received the Diploma of the Master degree.

After nine months of study and hardworking, all of them have been able to enter tech companies that form part of the digital ecosystem of Barcelona, the European capital of innovation. They were pleased to share their experience, what they´ve learned and where they are developing their tech career now.

“The Master was exciting and really challenging”, says Laia, native of Barcelona, who´s now working as developer at FORCEMANAGEMENT, “And I really liked it”. “Challenging” is one of the most common opinions about the Master, as confirms Juan from Spain, now web developer at Strands, “It was a tough year, but in the end, we all grew a lot and learned a lot”. Indeed, the BTS programs combining high-quality academic courses with project-based skills brings a brand-new learning experience to students and the unique learning methodology of BTS allows student to learn by doing project in order to acquire not only technical skills with courses like web and mobile development, but also business and innovation essentials such as entrepreneurship,  which helps them to adapt themselves to the tech industry in a quick and efficient way.

“We had so many subjects”, adds Juan, “but you could always find your favorite”. “The Master in Digital Solutions Development really helped me become a tech innovator”, agrees Susana from Austria, who´s now business account executive at Marfeel. Apart from the project doing, BTS has assembled an ecosystem of companies that support BTS programs, providing industry exposure and bringing professional experience to students through paid internship and job opportunities in the innovative city of Barcelona.

Multi-cultural, as described Samir from Venezuela, is another outstanding characteristic of BTS as an international institution. With students coming from over 15 countries around the world of a diverse range of academic background, a truly dynamic learning environment was created. “The Master was fun and I met many interesting people”, says Verónica from Spain, who´s now a software developer at Strands. The diversity in nationality, academic background and gender also forms part of BTS´s core values, as we believe that the digital industry will be shaped by multi-disciplined talents in the future. Thus, the programs always contain necessary skills and knowledge, such as agile training and big data analytics, of different sectors that are witnessing the digital wave.

The digital ecosystem of Barcelona is achieving a more rapid development than ever. The strategic alignment of the government, the industry itself and institutions like BTS are together contributing to boost the European capital of innovation. Moreover, plenty of startups, accelerator programs and venture capital players are choosing the city to carry out their activities. As a consequence of such healthy ecosystem, there has been generated an ever-growing demand for digital talents, which is precisely the reason why Barcelona Technology School is dedicated to tech education: to prepare talents that can fulfill the digital gap and shape the digital future.

“Coming to Barcelona to do this master is the broadest hit you can get”, claims Damien from France, traffic manager at Splendia. So join the digital transformation with us, your tech adventure starts here!



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