"Definitely recommended, the teachers are really qualified, the program is really solid"

Andrea Amorosi

February 22, 2018

Andrea Amorosi is a student from the Master in Digital Solutions Development. He comes from Italy and now he is a full-stack developer, specializing in creating modern web applications, working with entrepreneurs, consulting agencies and medium-to-big companies.

After studying the first semester at Barcelona Technology School, he is ready to share his student experience with us. Let´s see what’s his review about BTS.

What inspired you to study abroad?

Andrea: I´m Italian and I had the chance to study in the UK for one year during my bachelor´s degree, and I realized the experience of being abroad, meeting new people from different cultures and different point of views is very valuable, so I decided to keep studying and doing my Master abroad.

Is this time abroad impacting your life?

Andrea: I really love Barcelona because it´s a city that can offer you a lot. Depending on your interest, you can have cultural experiences, as visiting museums and festivals, and also there is huge tech hub in Barcelona and start-up companies, so it’s really easy to meet people with meetups in your field if you’re looking forward to.

What do you expect for your internships?

Andrea: Personally, I’ve never worked in an enterprise environment, so what I’m looking forward to working in an office, in a team, and in a big environment. And also, I’m looking forward to learning new skills and new techniques, and of course, making experiences for myself and growing professionally.

How do you see yourself in the future?

Andrea: It’s a tough question (laugh…). At the moment, it seems like that I’m at a crossroad, because I don´t know if I want to do a more corporative job or an entrepreneurial one to keep freelancing and work by myself, but for sure I see myself more involved than I´m now in the digital field and hopefully it will permit me to grow more as a professional person.

Are you developing new skills?

Andrea: Yes, definitely. I´m a developer and I come from a very technical background. I´ve never learned about business, or agile techniques, even UX design, so the Master in Digital Solutions Development at Barcelona Technology School definitely has given me more point of views about business knowledge and how to apply it of course. And more than that, this Master helps me get new points of view about solving different problems and bring them into my field.

What’s your review of Barcelona Technology School? and why would you recommend BTS?

Andrea: Definitely recommended. As I was saying earlier, the teachers are really qualified, the program is really solid, and it’s a great experience. For starters, the best thing I think about the Barcelona Technology School is the different people from different countries you find. For instance, in our class, we come from at least nine different countries, from basically all the continents. And it’s really interesting because we also have different backgrounds, so it’s very recommendable.

How is your experience at Barcelona Technology School?

Andrea: Exciting and challenging!

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