"For me BTS is a starting point for the future"

Maria Vittoria Bonaccini

January 2, 2019

Coming from Italy and with a background in political science, Maria Vittoria has come to Barcelona Technology School to do the Master’s degree in Digital Transformation Leadership in order to understand the digital side of business and to become more versatile specialist. Take a look at her story!

What inspired you to study at BTS?

My name is Maria Vittoria and I’m Italian. I’m here in Barcelona for 1 year now and I arrived here to BTS searching for my last academic experience. First of all, I was looking for a business degree but then I found BTS, that is not just a business degree, it’s possibility and opportunity to be in the niche. So here I’m studying business applied on digital

What was your first impression of BTS?

Since the beginning I thought that it was an amazing place and I found myself perfectly in the environment. So, I told myself this year will be great for sure! Because everything is aligned with my personality – people, location and subjects.

Best 3 words that describe BTS?

If I had to describe BTS in 3 words, I would say innovation, creativity and networking – for sure.

How is your experience in BTS?

About BTS I like people, interaction, opportunity that is given to me, I like the experience because we are doing a lot of things – we are going to the Smart City Congress, IoT congress, Mobile World Congress, so it’s not just learning sit-down on the chairs. It’s moving around the city and learning how to implement what we have learned in class.

What are your future plans?

For me BTS is a starting point for the future. The opportunities that I have are multiple and this school has opened me a lot of doors for my future because it is giving me skills to be able to go in the work field and apply to not only one job – to different kinds of jobs.

Where are your classmates from?

We are coming from all over the world, like India, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Lebanon and wherever, so we are different but there is an amazing synergy between us. We are not just classmates as I told, we are friends and we are helping each other and learning from one another. It’s an amazing experience from people perspective, not just student perspective.

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