"How is your experience at BTS? Happy, successful, and productive!"

Polina Severina

February 22, 2018

Polina Severina is a student from the Master in Digital Solutions Development. She is from Russia, and she has studied her Computer Science Bachelor’s degree in the United States. In order to keep developing her digital skills, she decided to move to Barcelona to combine her background with the Master in Digital Solutions Development at BTS.

This is how her student experience at Barcelona Technology School looks like:

What inspired you to study abroad?

Polina: Well, one of the things is that I wanted to travel, and another thing is that I really wanted to have some other international experiences because my vision was just about America and I wished to have some other country experiences.

I was looking for some places in Europe to be close to my hometown, I was attracted by Barcelona and, Barcelona Technology School had a really good program. But at the end, my decision was based on the fact that BTS fits my requirements, more than studying abroad.

How is living in Barcelona?

Polina: Amazing! I love it because there is everything. There are mountains right here, there is sea, there are nice bars (laugh…). I mean, everything you need, good weather, good education, opportunities to work, everything, and almost never cold weather.

What do you expect for your internships?

Polina: I’m expecting to learn different aspects of this industry, not just about development department I’d work for, but also, some other things that can make my vision of programming broader.

How do you see yourself in the future?

Polina: For the next five years, I will be in the programming field, because it’s my passion. I also see myself in Barcelona.

Are you developing new skills at Barcelona Technology School?

Polina: Absolutely, because I have a Computer Science background, focused on programming. The Master in Digital Solutions Development also helps me to see the business aspects of programming. It’s not just only about coding, it’s also to be agile, to know your personas well, the user experience, and the connection to other important things. There is always something to learn, for developers, as well as for business persons.

Is this time abroad impacting your life?

Polina: Well, I’ve learned a lot about programming and business together. It makes me get a lot of confidence daily and makes me find new things and solutions quickly because here many things are happening at the same time. Adding internships and getting a job. Altogether makes me a more mature person and stronger inside.

What’s your review of Barcelona Technology School? and why would you recommend BTS?

Polina: This program is very intensive, and I think it’s better to study it in 9 months rather than 2 years of having too much free time. Barcelona Technology School does it really well, combining the necessary subjects and contents but also, giving contacts with nice companies. Just yeah, I mean, this is a really good program because also it is really interesting for developers and for business people, for any person with a different background who wants to be in the programming field.

Also, you don’t waste your time in life, because 9 months is better than 2 years of studying. You get the Master quick, get this knowledge, get your job, get your life together, so it´s all good!

How is your experience at Barcelona Technology School?

Polina: Happy, successful, and productive!

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