"There's a ton of conferences we go to. Opportunities just continue to present themselves"

Rachel White

January 2, 2019

Rachel White is a student of the Master in User Experience Design, coming from the United States. She is also a user experience designer who is upgrading her skills at Barcelona Technology School.

Let´s discover how she describes her experience at BTS.

What inspired you to study at BTS?

I decided to study at BTS because of the curriculum, programs and how friendly the administration and professors where.

How is living in Barcelona?

I had a great first Airbnb experience then not so great and then third time – I left out and found a really good apartment with two Brazilians ant their lovely cats. I live five blocks from the beach, I walk everyday and carry my groceries, I love the Barcelona lifestyle. If you like to live out of the backpack and enjoy the beach and mountains, and challenge yourself, it’s a good lifestyle.

What was your first impression of BTS?

Challenging, diverse, maywhore – the best. It’s a good university. So far I am halfway through my program and I am having pain points and challenges but I’m up for it and I’m enjoying.

What is different about studying here?

My life at home is very centered around the car and pressure so if I did a master’s in the States I would have had to work on top of it, deal with everything so me choosing to do a master’s here helped me divide and only prioritize what I was bringing over here and it worked out.

Best 3 words that describe BTS?

Number one would be diverse. My class size is small but we’re from all over the world so we bring very multiple perspectives and we have a ton of empathy as UX designers. Challenging – for every 4 hours of class there’s 4 hours homework, so it is like United States on the homework load. Maywhore, it means best – you are getting the best of the lifestyle and the culture.

What opportunities are opening for you?

So there’s intern opportunities that are coming up, there’s a ton of conferences we go to, that we get tickets for. I’ve only been here since October so it’s still young but opportunities continue to present themselves.


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