"A perfect place for people who are looking for a more hands-on and tuned to the job market master"

Zeyad Gasser

April 19, 2018

Zeyad Gasser is a student from Master in Digital Solutions Development at Barcelona Technology School. He comes from Egypt and now he is working as Data Scientist Intern at Accenture, Barcelona.

After studying the first semester at Barcelona Technology School, he is ready to share his student experience with us. Let´s see what’s his review about BTS.

What inspired you to study abroad?

It has always been a dream of mine to study abroad and have an international student experience because I did all my studies back in Egypt. So I took this opportunity to study at Barcelona Technology School doing the Master in Digital Solutions Development.

How is living in Barcelona?

It’s always great. I really like living here. Barcelona is a very convenient city, surrounded by beaches and mountains. The city is pretty organized and clean. Transportation works immensely. You can meet people from all over the world. So I think it’s pretty cool being here in Barcelona.

What do you expect for your internships?

Actually, I have started my internship at Accenture. I´m working in the Analytics Department where they are teaching us about how they do the data analysis. I´m learning a lot of new things about analytics, machine learning, etc. So it´s pretty cool. They also told us that they hire about 75% of their interns, which I think it´s a great way to get a job if you want to.

Are you developing new skills at Barcelona Technology School?

Yes. We are also learning a lot of non-technical skills like business and user experience, which has really broadened my perspective on technology.

What’s your review of Barcelona Technology School? and why would you recommend BTS?

I think if you are bored with the traditional teaching or if you don´t want to do a traditional master where you go and sit in class receiving a kind of theoretical education, Barcelona Technology School offers you an alternative program that is more practical, more hands-on, more tuned to the job market, and more focused on the most needed profile right now. At BTS, we have mentors, we have professional career advisors, and we have people to help us all along the way during the master. It supports all the feedbacks of students and provides every student a personal experience.

Is this time abroad impacting your life?

Of course. It´s my first time living in Europe. Here I got to learn how people and the system work in a different culture. This is a new aspect that makes you much more international.

How is your experience at Barcelona Technology School?

I think for me, BTS is really fulfilling all the needs that I wanted, like things that I was looking for and I wanted to achieve. I think as I mentioned, for people who are looking for a more modern way of education, a more hands-on, more tuned to the job market master, Barcelona Technology School will be a perfect place.

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