Talking with Christian Mastrodonato

November 27, 2017

Christian Mastrodonato, Chief Technologist at Konica Minolta and member of the Barcelona Technology School Strategic Advisory Board, came to the Transformation Series event to speak with the students about the digital innovation that companies from different sectors are facing.

Cristiana Davis, a student from the Master in Digital Solutions Development, interviewed him and had the opportunity to ask him some interesting questions about his vision regarding the digital transformation:

My name is Cristiana and I’m from Brazil. I studied business, Marketing and later on Digital Marketing. I loved my field but I realize I needed more so, for my masters I wanted to study in a course that would teach me tech and business. I researched a lot and happily, I found Barcelona Technology School, that had exactly what I was looking for.

In this opportunity, BTS was able to provide me an incredible moment. I was chosen to interview Christian Mastrodonato, who came from London to BTS for the Transformation Series event to speak to us about digital enterprise innovation.

Christian spoke to us for almost two hours explaining about the digital transformation happening in our time. He was very nice and open to chat with us about it. Once his speech was ended, it was my moment to ask him a few questions that I considered relevant.

My first question was about the disruptive models of business and which industries he tough would be more affected by it. Of course, he explained that those models will affect every field of business but three that came to his mind were law, healthcare and everything regarding making a city smarter, better.

It’s funny that he mentioned this last one because BTS also took us to the Smart City Expo World Congress, where we could see amazing solutions for cities, from new recycling tools to self-driven cars, everything was there.

Still, on the same topic, I asked him about companies like Uber, that bring up a new technology that isn’t yet “regulated” by the laws. Christian said that it is a lot of value in companies like Uber that unite supply and demand and they are actually creating jobs. He commented that the most important thing for companies like this one is to be sustainable and ready to scale up. He also mentioned that transparency is key nowadays because information travels very fast on the internet. And finally, he got to the main point of the discussion that is the fact that the Politicians that regulate those kinds of aspects are too slow to keep up the pace of the dynamic changing environment of those companies. And that’s the main problem, basically, the technology is faster than the people who are trying to regulate it.

Our last topic was Artificial Intelligence. Christian’s opinion is that you can’t stop it and that soon enough all business will be controlled by it because it’s efficient, especially regarding big data analysis.

At the end, it was a very interesting chat that made me think about the whole transformation we are going through. Christian is a great professional, very aware of everything that is happening nowadays in the industry, I’m glad he is going to be one of our mentors in the Master in Digital Solutions Development!

So, I thank BTS for this opportunity.

BTS thank you, Cristiana for this student review about this event.



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