Verónica López, experience at Barcelona Technology School

July 18, 2016

Verónica is one of the women talent that BTS has as student in the Master in Digital Solutions Development. Even though she was working in the digital field for more than 5 years, when she had the opportunity to join the Master, she thought it was the perfect time to jump and do a further step in her education. She decided then to do a stop in her working life for nine months and get the most out of the experience.

When asking her about her experience in this academic year, Vero tell us that the Master allowed her to go deeper in things that she already knew and to learn some others aspects of the business that she didn’t know before, in this way she indicates that the experience helped her to have a more global vision of the digital sector.

She emphasizes in the Master in Digital Solutions Development subjects. She said that the program has very important contents that give the students a full perception of the most booming technologies, which she considers interesting. This, among the subject business oriented such as mobile and digital business, creative technology and entrepreneurship, gave her a complete approach to understand everything as a whole, something that complement more the technical profiles as Vero. Beyond the subjects, she said the professors are very good and real experts in what they teach; she indicates that the knowledge exposed and shared with the students is great.

VerowtmAs part of the experience, she had the chance to apply the knowledge acquired in the Master in her internship at Strands, an innovative fintech company. Besides, the experience developed there enriched her participation in the Master; Vero said that it was an experience that she really enjoyed, especially because it made her leave from her comfort zone and permitted her to learn new things, as have more experience in back end for example. She now has a wider vision of the Apps and currently that she is no longer an intern but an employee there, she keeps her mind opened to new things to learn.

She considers that for now she wants to keep acquiring knowledge and maybe in the future she can undertake her own business, this is something that she doesn’t gives more importance now as there is a long road to walk yet, but according to her, she has now an overall vision of how to do it thanks to the Master she did in Barcelona Technology School.

When asking her about the experience in Barcelona, she really knows how to live the city as a local as she is from here. She said that now there are many people living in the city and that diversity of culture is something that she really enjoys.

On the other hand, she states that Barcelona is a city that is evolving fast in terms of technology, as there are several startups growing in the sector and well-known companies that more and more want to be part of the Barcelona digital Ecosystem.

Looking back at her experience, Vero says that “this is a powerful Master to do, as you can take advantage of plenty of things and get the best out of it. It is a quality program and thanks to it I had the chance to strengthen my knowledge and broaden it”. Now she can see clearly what she really wants to do and it is to be a mobile developer.

Vero is eager to keep learning new things and sharing her experience with others, especially she is an encourager of women to be involved in this sector, without paying attention to stereotypes and with the aim to do great things, as she’s doing now.

Some highlights from BTS professors about Vero:

  • Smart and motivated. Hard-worker. Developer mindset. She has looked for a challenge to learn new things. Easily understands new concepts. Critical thinking. She always looks for improvement.
  • She’s motivated and willing to apply new concepts.
  • She could be a great scrum master, as she’s a proactive team player with good tech skills.
  • Vero has strong quantitative skills and takes initiative to solve problems. She is a natural manager.


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