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Professional experience

Get ready for a digital career.

Barcelona Technology School gives you access to a professional experience during the Master.

You’ll develop your talent with the most demanded knowledge and technologies.

Our partners support & mentor Barcelona Technology School as a source of future workers for their digital companies. You will be in deep contact with them, not only to learn from their knowledge, but also to approach to the employment opportunities they will present you during the programs.

Generate your own digital impact and start shaping the digital future right now.

Some of the companies that enrol BTS students

Having a purpose

for professional happiness

A Team of mentors will help you to define your own purpose according to what you love, what you are good at, what can you be paid for and how you can improve the world with such amazing skills.

This ensures you to focus your energy on a job you really love, what is the best way you can drive a great digital impact.


Get advise from international digital leaders
Ravi Daswani
C. Mastrodonato
Sudha Jamthe
Silicon Valley
Aleix Valls
Susanna Maier
Marti Escursell
Charles Ikem

BTS mentors are generous people that believe in the power of sharing.
They are happy offering you their vision and wide experience as digital
leaders in top global tech companies.

Get advice from digital sages that will help you to drive your purpose and
develop a great career in the digital industry.

A Team of mentors with experience leading digital projects in companies such as:


Join us to shape the digital future

We would love you join this exciting journey of transformation.

The digital ecosystem has become the new status quo, it is changing entire industries and business, relationships and any other aspect of our lives.

Our purpose is to help you to generate a digital impact able to make a better world made of human technology.

Are you ready? Connect with us, we hope to see you soon in Barcelona.

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