Discovering the importance of Social Media at Adsmurai

December 4, 2017

I am Luca Franceschini, a BTS student coming from Italy. I graduated in Mechanical Engineering and worked in the field of renewable energy in Honduras. I also worked as a Digital Account Manager in a small tech company, and I am recently expanding into blockchain.

I began my Master in Digital Solutions Development in Barcelona Technology School to have a full understanding of the digital environment in the most efficient way. There will be another digital revolution, and I want to grasp all the opportunities there will be. I switched to the digital field for its greater impact on our society.

I will be based here in Barcelona for the next years, as it’s an incredible city and there is a very international environment. Great place to be.

As part of the BTS student experience, we had the opportunity to visit Adsmurai, an innovative and leading company in Social Media. Getting to know it was an interesting experience, and it helped BTS students to understand how fast the market of advertising is moving thanks to technology.

Adsmurai is a company founded in 2014 which focuses on Social Media Advertising and provides solutions to automate and scale ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter. Thanks to the partnerships they have with these companies, they are able to access their APIs and gather useful data for their campaigns. They constantly optimize their campaigns with an always-on approach, which permits Adsmurai to use its resources in the most efficient way.

An important element of their work deals with user-generated content, which they scan with AI in order to later process it and use in their campaigns. It was interesting to understand the need for companies involved in this market to partner-up with big social networks, in order to gather valuable data. Data is the new gold, as it allows companies to target their audience in the most efficient way, and Adsmurai understood that.

The Social Media Advertising is a constantly growing market and gives the possibilities to companies like Adsmurai to grasp interesting opportunities. Even if they are not one of the biggest companies in this field, their customer-focused approach makes them agile and efficient. With their lean business mindset, they are able to focus on the essentials, boosting their productivity and agility.


This visit to Adsmurai made much easier to understand how in this market, big companies like Facebook are expanding globally their businesses while providing useful services for the world, like free internet connection, they’re being part of the digital transformation. This global reach allows this market to expands at a very fast rate. Walking around the company makes every visitor just feel at home. People are kind and helpful, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Even the busy CEO Mark Elena gave us some time to understand better their company. It’s easy to see how the focus of Adsmurai is on people, and how this makes possible for this company to create an inner-culture.


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