Quantum Computing Applications course

Bring the power of Quantum Computing to your organization.

  • 8 WEEKS


The Quantum Computing Applications course is a 8 weeks immersive program that will bring you a clear understanding of the opportunities of quantum technology for science, business and society.

Quantum Computing is a nascent technology that has explored in the previous years. It has the potential of disrupting major industries such as finance, logistics, pharma, agrotech and manufacturing among others.

During this course, you will discover the disruptive power of quantum computing, how to implement this technology and how to develop quantum computing applications.

Also, on a practical side, you will work on cases and applications on different sectors.

The Quantum Computing Applications course will also allow you to discover what are the key Quantum trends and to learn from international perspectives and case studies.

Apply fresh skills on your own workplace

This program will help you to develop practical skills ready to apply on your own workplace.

You will get a deep knowledge of:

  • How quantum computing works, the types of devices and how to interact with them.
  • The basic algorithms and building blocks and create circuits and solvers for some of the main use cases.
  • You will understand the science, interact with researchers and vendors and you will create your own quantum solutions.

This program will enable you to unlock the power of Quantum Computing by the hand of international leaders and program mates living an immersive tech experience in Barcelona or remotly.

At the end of this BTS Quantum Computing Lab you will get a productive outcome by developing a Quantum Computing roadmap aligned with the technology goals of your company.

Program details

  • 8 Weeks Intensive Program
  • Time commitment 4-6 hours per week
  • On campus | Online
  • 1.950€ Full program (750€ Quantum for Business course)

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Project-based learning

Quantum for Business

  • Introduction to Quantum. Why we need the technology
  • What is a Qubit
  • The magic card game and the code
  • The magic powers of qubits.
  • Superposition and interference.
  • The problem of measurement
  • What is a quantum computer
  • Business cases with investments
  • Develop your own Quantum strategy roadmap

Quantum for Engineers

  • What is a qubit (for real this time).
  • Superposition and interference in code.
  • The QSphere.
  • Build your own Grover search.
  • Current stacks and platforms.
  • Take your circuit to IBMQ and execute it with noise

First Quantum Algorithms

  • Gates: difference between classical and quantum gates
  • Definition of parametric gates
  • Measurements
  • Creation of Circuits and graphical representation of them
  • Plots for quantum states and circuits
  • Teleportation
  • Phase kickback
  • Universal sets of gates
  • Quantum Annealing
  • Quantum Workflows, sending circuits to cloud (IBMQ, D-Wave)

Geometrical interpretation

  • Geometrical interpretation
  • Generalization: Quantum Amplitude Amplification
  • Grover’s like algorithms (Grover, QE, Brassard)

Quantum Transformation

  • Transformation of a 3SAT problem to Grover
  • Quantum Fourier Transform: maths
  • QFT: circuit

Quantum Phase Estimation

  • Quantum Phase Estimation: maths
  • General circuit for QPE
  • Quantum Amplitude Estimation

Shor's algorithm

  • Shor’s algorithm: mathematical description
  • Shor: circuit (skipping the modular exponentiation)

Variational algorithms: VQE

  • What is a VQE
  • Create a VQE in qiskit: optimization
  • Create a VQE in qiskit: hamiltonian

Variational algorithms: QAOA

  • What is a QAOA
  • Create a QAOA in qiskit: optimization
  • Create a QAOA in qiskit: hamiltonian

Qiskit algorithms

  • Basic functions of qiskit
  • Qubo
  • Grover
  • Max-Cut
  • Chemistry
  • Machine Learning: QSVM Variational Quantum Classifier, qGANs

Qiskit : advanced

  • Errors in qiskit: thermal noise, measurement, decoherence
  • Error correction
  • Pulses
  • Callibration

Credit Risk Estimation

  • Setting up the problem
  • Map classical – quantum
  • From QAE to IQAE
  • Writing the circuits for solving the problem
  • Qiskit algorithm

Portfolio Optimization using annealers

  • Setting up the problem
  • Map classical – quantum
  • Execution on DWave
  • Execution on qiskit

Quantum implementation strategy

  • Based on a selected use case. Step by step definition of the implementation of a Quantum Computing application.

Program split in 2 courses




Duration: 2 weeks

Develop a Quantum Strategy Roadmap


For participants with business and tech background that want to understand the foundations of Quantum Computing and what are the main big impacts on their organizations.





Duration: 2 + 6 weeks

Quantum Implementation Strategy


For participants with tech background that want to develop and implement Quantum Computing applications.



Time commitment: 4-6 hours per week.

Combines advanced training methods, case studies and meetings with Quantum Computing leaders.



Professionals and quantum computing leaders that will empower participants through their own experience and through their vision about the future and trends of Quantum.



Develop digital skills in Barcelona, European epicenter of Quantum Computing where you will meet technology leaders and visit companies that are disrupting Quantum Computing strategies.

This program is also available online.


Who is this program for

Business backgrounds

Business leaders, analysts, innovation managers and other strategists professionals
who want to understand and integrate the transformative power of Quantum Computing in their organizations.

Technology backgrounds

Software engineers, Data Scientists, quantitative analysts and other technical professionals
who want to lead the change in their organizations and drive quantum computing opportunities.

About BTS

Strategic Advisory Board

Industry leaders, with experience in global digital brands, help
to develop talent ready to shape a better digital future.

Ángel García
C. Mastrodonato
Sudha Jamthe
Silicon Valley
Sergio Gago
Ricardo Baeza
Silicon Valley
Marko Gargenta
San Francisco
Academic Board

A Team of international experts. BTS most important value.

Program Fees

The program includes:
  • Visits to labs
  • Visits to digital companies
  • Keynote speakers
  • Individual mentorship on the framework


750 €


1.950 €

How to Apply

If you are passionate about Quantum Computing and would like to gain invaluable knowledge from industry leaders… we look forward to receiving your application.


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