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Damien Dupont

June 29, 2016

Damien Dupont, one of the students of the Master in Digital Solutions Development, decided to move from France, his native country, and come to Barcelona in order to live what he defines as the “most valuable and important experience till now”.

Now he looks back from the beginning of this 9 months’ adventure and defines his experience studying at Barcelona Technology School and living in this city as a “Global thing”.

Damien comments that he decided to study the Master in Digital Solutions Development in Barcelona as he was looking to build an international profile. For him, to understand how different markets works, to live in an international environment and be able to communicate and share with people from different nationalities in all aspects, have been a key part of making an experience that could help him to discover his digital career.

Damien explains how the Master helped him to understand what is the field he wants to dedicate to. The program gives a wide knowledge of the digital world, which is big enough, and from there as he says, you have the opportunity to find your own road for the future, get the knowledge and resources you have acquired and apply them in the real world; in his words, the experience “lightened the path” for what he is doing now and what he wants to dedicate to from now on.

He says that the variety of subjects in the program, such as web and mobile development, Damiencloud computing, big data, UX, digital business and entrepreneurship, helped him to understand “the whole picture” as part of the experience. On the other hand, he highlights a crucial point, the professors:

“I consider them as key point of the program, more than teachers, most of them have become especial people to be in touch in the future as a part of our networking. Another valuable aspect is that they just don’t share their knowledge but their experiences, and advises the students how to succeed in their digital careers”.

On the other hand, about the Barcelona Technology School methodology, Damien also gave us his opinion:

“Something that I see as a good feature is the methodology of the program, to have the opportunity to work in class projects and in your own, applying the things you have learned throughout the subjects, helps you to prepare yourself and also show others what you have learned and what you are capable to do. This helped me to find my current job position”.

Now, he has the opportunity to work in one of the emerging digital sectors like the travel industry; something that he says, he couldn’t have achieved without doing the Master in Digital Solutions Development.

But why Barcelona?

Damien describes it as a city of opportunities in where there is a big room for learning; he said Barcelona is a metropolitan center in which many cultures and people from diverse origins coexist, which lead endless chances to build relationships and contacts.

Barcelona, according to him also leads you to think that “every weekend is a holiday” as there are too many things to do.
For these reasons, Damien says all the mentioned is part of a whole Ecosystem that allows you to live what he defines as a priceless experience that leads you to be part of the game.


  • “Damien is a very proactive individual, eager to challenge the status quo and question everything.”
  • “Clear vision of content and application. Very good inputs and speech.”
  • “He’s able to think mathematically as well as creatively. He contributes to class discussions very often and networks well. Damien has made great progress breaking business pursuits down into subparts and understanding the product role.”
  • “He’s eager to learn and very motivated. Creative mind. Thinks outside the box. His curiosity leads him to understand the concepts.”
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