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Samir Sayegh, experience at Barcelona Technology School

To come to Barcelona to study the Master in Digital Solutions Development represented an opportunity to Samir from several points of views.…

Damien Dupont, experience at Barcelona Technology School

Damien Dupont, one of the current students of the Master in Digital Solutions Development, decided to move from France, his native country,…

Verónica López at Women Techmakers Barcelona 2016

We live in a world where technology is changing the way we communicate, relate, entertain, travel, work and do business. Thanks to…

4YFN (Mobile World Congress) seen by BTS students

As part of the activities of the Master in Digital Solutions Development and within the experience of Barcelona Technology School, the BTS…

Tech trends that will rule 2016

We are now in a current state of progress that will change again the way we live, work and communicate to each other. We are living the fourth industry revolution which is...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seen by Sudha Jamthe and the BTS students

Nine hours’ time between San Francisco and Barcelona was not an issue, when Sudha Jamthe, Ex-Mobile Business Leader of Ebay, IoT author and member of the Strategic Advisory Board of Barcelona Technology School (BTS)...

Barcelona startup ecosystem gets 60% of the spanish investment

Barcelona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is experiencing more growth than ever. Increasingly the investors are rooting for the Catalan city and its technological environment. Startups...

Google, Pac-man and Creative Technology

Google has made a funny and entertaining Pac-man update in its maps. Now you can merge your own home place with this universal game.

Why is Barcelona your destination for a Digital Master?

Home of International Tech events, Barcelona has become the world’s mobile capital and acts as an international hub for business, innovation and talent.


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