Executive Master in Digital Technology Management

The most demanded skills for CTOs and CIOs to manage escalable technology opportunities.

  • 9 MONTHS


Digital companies require CTOs (Chief Technical Officers) who are not just able to deeply understand the technology itself and run efficient software teams, but also to efficiently analyze disruptive technologies from a business perspective, adopt innovation and manage uncertainty in a constant changing environment. These leaders need to be multidisciplinary, have business acumen and be able to understand all parts of a company. To achieve this goal, corporations need technology leaders able to activate and manage digital transformation with interdisciplinary skills such as:

  • Business and technology strategy
  • Change management
  • Digital innovation

And all that while having a deep understanding of the technology, keep updated with the latest developments and generate rapport with the technical teams. Applying concepts and philosophies such as DevSecOps and Agile and effectively managing large teams of all Product and Technology areas. Front and Backend software development, QA, Mobile, Infrastructure and SRE, Security, etc. In startup, scaleup and corporate environments.

What will I learn?

You will focus on technology strategy, on how to manage digital projects, how to activate data-driven decisions, how to lead complexity in digital environments, how to manage change and diversity in an organization and, how to align technology and business innovation. Besides, you will learn how to be a valuable member of the board, ensuring technology is a key piece of the company strategy, while translating the needs to the other C level executives and investors.

During the Master in Digital Technology Management, you will get a deep understanding of emerging technologies but also, you will understand how to manage winner technology strategies in a digital world.

This program will permit you to lead and manage technology structures through:

  • Identifying the major drivers of digital transformation in your industry.
  • Discovering innovation capabilities to manage knowledge, generate insights and maximize business value in the digital economy.
  • Developing the right change management strategies to get the most of your Team.

Student goals

  • Prepare the student to be the next generation of CTO / CIO / CDO being able to tackle all the soft and hard skills required on a demanding technology management role
  • Understand the differences between types of CTOs based on company’s maturity, the required skills and the growth implied when the company evolves
  • Bridge the gap between management, leadership, coaching and business acumen required for C level executives coming from Technology
  • Help software engineers and technology managers understand the needs and requirements of a position on the board. Learn how to build thriving engineering teams with efficient culture
  • Have a deep level of understanding of all the technology decisions under the CTO perspective, and a broad level knowledge of the different responsabilities within a company (Finance, marketing, customer success, etc)
  • Ensure you have the skills and capabilities to switch hats between business and technology. Keeping all the deep tech skills required to create rapport in your teams, but also can discuss business language with your executive peers

Program details

  • Part-Time Program
  • Barcelona
  • 9 Months
  • English
  • Starts April 2023
  • €18,000

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Project-based learning

Data science foundations

We live in a data-centric world, with more than 2500 petabytes of data generated every day and growing, as the cost of data collection and storage goes down. However, knowledge requires applying intelligence to that information, and the techniques to process this sheer amount of data are increasingly complex, and require a mix between a disciplined, mathematical approach with an important dose of creativity and multidisciplinarity.


The participants will immerse in the Agile mindset by experimenting the Agile management practices. At the end of this subject they will be able to practice Scrum, understand Kanban, develop an idea from Vision to Deployment from an Agile perspective and define requirements with User Stories.

Corporate finance foundations

Corporate finance is a subject aimed to provide the students with tools to help making effective financial decisions and to proper planning the finance needs behind any transformation activity in a business organization.
In a post-industrial world, where innovative management models represent the only sustainable competitive advantage, we must rethink how organizations are managed and redefine the way financial decisions are made.

Product management

The secret ingredient for a succesfull technology company is the right combination of product and technology minds. More and more companies consider the Product & Technology teams a single one that acts united taking care of all stakeholders and how to build the solutions for them. However to get there a good relationship, empathy and understanding is mandatory between those two roles.
This course will cover the dycotomy of product and technology. How roadmaps are developed, and how to create them in combination with technology, how to organize the teams and measure their efficiency. It will be taught from a product perspective, adding the vision of technology.
The course will review the different types of companies where different approaches are required (i.e. end product tech companies VS service shops among others). And will tackle the typical case and organizational modes using business cases, real life examples, interviews and class exercises.

Creative technology

This subject aims at giving participants a critical view of digital innovation, equipping them with the knowledge, abilities and skills to identify new opportunities and transform them into desirable, feasible and viable solutions. It provides a broader understanding of the management of innovation at the operational and strategic levels. The main objective is to understand digital innovation as the main driver for (new and existing) companies competing in an increasingly challenging, complex and uncertain business environment.

Advanced infrastructure management

The DevSecOps philosophy is now everywhere. CTOs need to understand deeply the infrastructure implications of their developments and how to create maintainable and scalable platforms. At the end of the day the two biggest costs of a P&T team are people and infrastructure.
This course will cover in detail the infrastructure architectures, how to work together with developers, and the system administration part of the SDLC. It will cover security operations, networking and budgetting.
It will also have a specific module on IT management and governance.

Software Development

The course takes care of the bread and butter for every CTO. The aim is to create a common ground and understanding of the best practices and frameworks for building the different types of products. Additionally the course will cover how to efficienly lead an engineering team, build a success culture and how to make efficient technology decisions and transfer them to the team.
The course will have a deep focus on Software Development Lifecycle and will complemet the Infrastructure course with topics on the DevOps way, including succesfull CICD and testing processes.
Lastly the course will cover how to create and measure efficiency, scale up the teams to gain throughput by either creating a scalable team or offshoring parts of it and work efficiently with other teams, locations and cultures.

Go to market strategies

In volatile economies corporations need to take agile decisions based on right value propositions that permit them to activate profitable conversion funnels, attracting traffic and users and coverting them into customers. During this course, participants will discover the main business models of the digital economy while analyse the market opportunities and the user needs to develop winer go to market strategies.

Management and Leadership

CTOs are a part of the board and a key role in a technology company. As such they need the required business acumen to participate in those sessions either with the board or potential investors to present the company technology in a business way. The CTO must learn how to navigate the different environments and people profiles, speak to each one in their language and negotiate accordingly.
In order to do that it is critical to fully understand the roles of the other C level executives, their responsabilities and tasks, and their typical expectations from the CTO role. What moves them and the traditional agendas that drive those profiles. The goal of this course is to help technical CTOs approach the business world making sure they can bridge both worlds. Defend the technical team but also understand the decisions made by the board or the executive commitee.
This course will be eminently practical, with interviews and live sessions with seasoned CEOs, CPOs, CMOs, etc, as well as investors on what they expect from members

Entrepreneurship & Capital

To understand and take andvantge of the entrepreneur ecosystems is helping to boost digital innovation in corporations. Participants will learn the process to develop, test and validate new business opportunities, while provide leadership across the organization and build teams that add economic and social value. During this course they will understand how to create and develop business models for start-ups based on customer development and continuous customer validation, managing at the same time financial metrics and dealing with investment needs.


During the program participants have to work on a final project with the aim to develop a digital transformation strategy for a company that wants to operate successfully in digital environments.



Highly qualified instructors and well known professionals


Real & experienced professionals will mentor your digital projects


Visit and learn from the tech leaders


Inspire your own projects and new disruptive digital business


Digital Labs & innovation projects exposure


Diverse student groups at BTS reflect the industry demand for talent

Background Diversity

Professionals with different backgrounds will share unique experience and the vision of digital transformation.

Valuable connections

You will meet with the most passionate professionals and build a solid network of industry leaders.

Competitive advantage

Be in the spearhead of change in any enterprise. Understand technology enabling the digital transformation, create agile business strategies that maximize performance and boost innovation in your company to harness the exponential opportunities.

About BTS

Strategic Advisory Board

Industry leaders, with experience in global digital brands, help
to develop talent ready to shape a better digital future.

Ángel García
C. Mastrodonato
Sudha Jamthe
Silicon Valley
Sergio Gago
Ricardo Baeza
Silicon Valley
Marko Gargenta
San Francisco
Academic Board

A Team of international experts. BTS most important value.

Program Fees

The program includes:
  • Full immersion into Barcelona’s digital ecosystem
  • Valuable knowledge through visits to digital companies and tech labs
  • Professional and inspiring international digital leaders
  • Personal experience thanks to low rate attendees per program

How to Apply

If you are passionate about digital transformation in companies and would like to develop the best digital skills and have a master experience in Barcelona… we just need from you:

1. Application Form. Fill the application form.

2. Motivation letter. You must send to the admissions office the application form, your CV as well as a motivation letter explaining how you think the digital industry will be in the next five years and how you could contribute to the digital transformation.

3. Assessment. Our admission officers, as well as the director of the program, will analyze your candidature and if you meet the profile of Barcelona Technology School, we will call you to have a chat.



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